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ATX Calendars and Charts
Calendars and Charts
The following calendars and charts are provided as references and can be used as guidelines and timetables for preparing your customers taxes.

Form 2441 Decision Tree Can you claim the Child and Dependent Care Credit?
Exemption Decision Tree Can you claim an Exemption for a Dependent?
E-File Calendar Important dates associated with the 1040 electronic filing program
Refund Cycle Guidance Guidance for distribution of refunds
ACA - General ACA -general information
ACA Premium Tax Credits ACA Premium Tax Credits
ACA Exemptions ACA Exemptions
ACA shared responsibility ACA shared responsibility
Filing Status Chart Questions and answers to help determine the taxpayer's filing status
Child Tax Credit Are you eligible for Child Tax Credit?
EIC Worksheet Earned Income Credit in a Nutshell
Education Expenses What do I qualify for?
Other Popular Questions Find answer to some of the more popular questions
ATX Role Chart Definition of ADMIN and other users

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