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2016 software will ship the week of November 21st and will also be available for download on the support site DOWNLOAD CENTER page. You will receive an email the week of Nov 21st that contains your activation code(s), instructions for download, and other vital information.    

The DVD contains:

-Your ATX Tax product Installation files plus install files or links for other products you may have purchased such as iFirm Practice Management Annual or Seasonal Edition, PaperlessPLUS, CAS Client Accounting Suite, IntelliConnect Research, Client Portal, PortalSafe, and Payroll Compliance Reporting

Notes about Codes: To install ATX, you'll use one designated activation code. If you purchased an ATX bundle with payroll functionality, you'll have a second activation code specifically for payroll.
If you purchase Additional License packs, ATX Add User License(s)
 appears in the Product
 pane. This single entry covers all your Additional License purchases. 
Some additional product features or modules like Enhanced Asset Management require a separate activation code. Simply enter those codes in the “Activation Codes” dialog box to activate that functionality.

-Electronic versions of the User Guides for all Tax, Payroll, CAS, and PaperlessPlus

-Electronic version of the Quick Start Guide and System Requirements

-Links to Research options. Your ATX Tax Software includes Online Tax Research on the CCH IntelliConnect platform. The level of content you can access is determined by your software package. You can also customize your online research library for your business

-Tax Season Essentials training/education- explanation and link to the content which is housed on the Support Site, click the SUPPORT menu tab, and then click the "Tax Season Essentials" link on the left menu bar.

-Access to all Education/Training/CPE options including webinars, self-study, certificate programs, and seminars for product training and CPE needs.

Book Shipments:
Printed Master Tax Guides are included with some packages and will be shipped in the same package this year.  Master Tax Guide is available electronically via IntelliConnect as well in some packages.

The Tax Book Deluxe and The Tax Book 1040 Edition will be shipped separately. 

Click these links below for more information on available books and research.

Tax Handbooks:

Tax Research:

Health Care Reform Library:

ACA Resource Center:


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