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  Forms Release Schedule
This table lists dates on which ATX expects to post forms approved for paper filing. A similar table exists for e-file approval on the E-File Center.

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Estimated Release Date for All Forms Learn About the Definitions of Status Messages
Form NameDescriptionCurrent Status *Estimated Approval *
1040-CDeparting Alien Income Tax ReturnNot Available3/3/2016
1040-ES (NR)Estimated Tax for Nonresident Alien IndividualsApprovedApproved
1040-ES (PR)Contribuciones Federales Estimadas del TrabajoNot Available2/23/2016
1040-PRPlanilla para Declaracion ContribucionNot Available3/14/2016
1041-NReturn for Alaska Native Settlement TrustsPending Approval3/14/2016
1041-TAllocation of Estimated Tax to BeneficiariesApprovedApproved
1042-S (2016)U.S. Source Income Subject to WithholdingNot Available4/1/2016
1065-BReturn of Income for Electing Large PartnershipApprovedApproved
1120-CIncome Tax Return for Cooperative AssociationsApprovedApproved
1120-LLife Insurance Company Income Tax ReturnNot Available3/14/2016
1120-PCProperty and Casualty Insurance Company Tax ReturnNot Available2/23/2016
1120-REITIncome Return for Real Estate Investment TrustsNot Available3/14/2016
1120-RICIncome Tax Return Regulated Investment CompaniesPending Approval2/23/2016
2290, 2290-V (07/16)Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax ReturnDraftFinal Pending from Tax Agency
5500-SUPAnnual Return Employee Benefit Supplemental InfoNot AvailableFinal Pending from Tax Agency
8288Dispositions by Foreign Persons of U.S. PropertyPending Approval3/5/2016
8288-BApplication for Withholding by Foreign PersonsPending Approval3/5/2016
8804-WInstallment Payments of Section 1446 TaxApprovedApproved
8854Initial and Annual Expatriation StatementDraft3/3/2016
8865 w/ otherU.S. Foreign Partnership Return (w/ other entity)ApprovedApproved
8963Report of Health Insurance Provider InformationPending Approval3/14/2016
941 (2016)Employer's Quarterly Federal Tax ReturnDraftFinal Pending from Tax Agency
941PR, 941V(PR) 16Planilla Para La Decl Fed Trimestral Del PatronoDraftFinal Pending from Tax Agency
941-SS,941-V(SS) 16Employer's Quarterly Federal Return (Samoa, Guam)DraftFinal Pending from Tax Agency
941-V (2016)Employer's Quarterly Federal Payment VoucherDraftFinal Pending from Tax Agency
9452Filing Assistance ProgramApprovedApproved
AK 0405-574Fisheries Business Tax Annual Return and SchedulesNot Available3/3/2016
AK 0405-6100Oil and Gas Corporation Net Income Tax ReturnNot Available3/3/2016
AK 0405-6220Underpayment of Estimated Tax by CorporationsNot Available3/14/2016
AK 0405-6230Quick Refund of Overpayment of Estimated TaxNot Available3/14/2016
AK 0405-6300Incentive Credits SummaryNot Available3/14/2016
AK 0405-6310Income Tax Education CreditNot Available3/14/2016
AK 0405-6325Veteran Employment Tax CreditNot Available3/14/2016
AK 0405-6385Tax Attribute CarryoversNot Available3/14/2016
AK 0405-6395Passive Activity LimitationNot Available3/14/2016
AK 0405-662Mining License Tax Return and SchedulesNot Available3/14/2016
AK 0405-833Permittee Annual Financial Statement and SchedulesNot AvailableNot Released from Tax Agency
AK 08-4019Corp, LLC, LLP Certificate Authorization RenewalPending Approval3/14/2016
AK 08-4181, 4438Business License Application, Credit Card PaymentNot Available3/3/2016
AL 2210AL (40/40NR)Underpayment of Estimated Tax PenaltyNot Available2/26/2016
AL 2220ALUnderpayment of Estimated Tax for CorporationsApprovedApproved
AL BPT-V (Ext)Business Privilege Tax Payment Voucher (Extension)Not Available2/26/2016
AL COM:101Combined Registration / ApplicationPending Approval3/14/2016
AL ET-1CConsolidated Financial Institution Excise ReturnNot Available3/3/2016
AL Sch FC (41)Fiduciary CreditsNot Available2/26/2016
AL SR2Application to Determine LiabilityPending Approval3/14/2016
Anexo H-PR (1040-PR)Contribuciones Sobre El Empleo EmpleadosNot Available3/14/2016
AR 1000CRIncome Tax Composite Tax ReturnNot Available3/6/2016
AR 1000CRVComposite Income Tax Return Payment VoucherNot Available2/23/2016
AR 1000ESEstimated Tax for IndividualsPending Approval3/3/2016
AR 1002ESFiduciary Estimated Tax Payment VouchersNot Available2/24/2016
AR 1002ES (Ext.)Fiduciary Extension Payment VoucherNot Available3/6/2016
AR 1023CTApplication for Income Tax Exempt StatusNot Available3/14/2016
AR 1036Employee Tuition Reimbursement Tax CreditNot Available3/14/2016
AR 1055, 1000ES 5Individual Request for Extension/VoucherNot Available3/14/2016
AR 1100BICSchedule of Business Incentive Tax CreditsNot Available2/23/2016
AR 1100ESCTEstimated Corporation Income Tax PaymentNot Available3/3/2016
AR 1155, 1100 ESCTCorporation Extension Request and Payment VoucherNot Available3/14/2016
AR AAOApplication for Articles of OrganizationPending Approval3/14/2016
AR CFTRAnnual Corporation Franchise Tax ReportNot Available2/26/2016
AR F-01AApplication for Amended Certificate of AuthorityNot Available3/14/2016
AR F-05Application for Registration of Corporate NamePending Approval3/14/2016
AZ 120EXTApplication for Extension of Time to File 10340Not Available2/26/2016
AZ 140XIndividual Amended Income Tax Return 10573Not Available2/26/2016
AZ 141AZ ESEstate or Trust Estimated Income Tax Payment 11135Not Available2/15/2016
AZ 141AZ EXTExtension for Fiduciary Returns Only 11136Not Available2/26/2016
AZ 821-PSCWithholding Payroll Service Company Auth 11154ApprovedApproved
AZ 822Change of Address 10173ApprovedApproved
AZ 99Exempt Organization Annual Return 10418ApprovedApproved
AZ ADOR 10759Transaction Privilege Tax Application (Short Form)Pending Approval3/14/2016
AZ Phoenix Appl TPTLTransaction Privilege (Sales) and Use Tax LicensePending Approval3/14/2016
CA 100WCorporation Income Tax Water's-Edge FilersNot Available3/6/2016
CA 109Exempt Organization Business Income Tax ReturnNot Available2/24/2016
CA 540XAmended Individual Income Tax ReturnNot Available2/26/2016
CA 541-QFTIncome Tax Return for Qualified Funeral TrustsApprovedApproved
CA 570 (2016)Nonadmitted Insurance Tax ReturnNot Available3/14/2016
CA 587Nonresident Withholding Allocation WorksheetNot Available3/14/2016
CA 588Nonresident Withholding Waiver RequestNot Available3/5/2016
CA 589Nonresident Reduced Withholding RequestNot Available3/14/2016
CA 590Withholding Exemption CertificateNot Available3/14/2016
CA 590-PNonresident W/H Exemption for Reported IncomeNot Available3/14/2016
CA 592Quarterly Resident and Nonresident W/H StatementNot Available2/29/2016
CA 593Real Estate Withholding Tax StatementPending Approval2/26/2016
CA 593-CReal Estate Withholding CertificateNot Available3/1/2016
CA 593-EReal Estate Withholding - Estimated Gain or LossNot Available3/5/2016
CA 593-IReal Estate Withholding Installment SaleNot Available3/14/2016
CA Arts Conv GPArticles of Incorporation Conversion - GP to StockPending Approval3/14/2016
CA Arts Conv LLCArticles of Incorporation Conversion -LLC to StockPending Approval3/14/2016
CA Arts Conv LPArticles of Incorporation Conversion - LP to StockPending Approval3/14/2016
CA BOE-230-DPartial Exemption Qualified Sales - Farm EquipmentPending Approval3/14/2016
CA BOE-571-DReporting Monthly Acquisitions and DisposalsApprovedApproved
CA CONV-1ACertificate of ConversionPending Approval3/14/2016
CA DE-1Commercial Employer Account Registration / UpdatePending Approval3/14/2016
CA DE-1964Claim for Refund of Excess DeductionsPending Approval3/14/2016
CA DE-1AGAgricultural Employer Account Registration/UpdatePending Approval3/14/2016
CA DE-1GSGovernmental and Indian Registration / Update FormPending Approval3/14/2016
CA DE-1NPNonprofit Employers Registration and Update FormPending Approval3/14/2016
CA DE-1PEmployers Personal Income Tax W/H RegistrationPending Approval3/14/2016
CA DE-2220RRelease of Buyer Request FormPending Approval3/14/2016
CA DE-4Employee's Withholding Allowance CertificatePending Approval2/15/2016
CA DE-4453Application for Transfer of Reserve AccountPending Approval3/14/2016
CA DE-4809Prior Wages Notice Correction/Update RequestPending Approval3/14/2016
CA DE-4PWithholding Certificate for Pension PaymentsNot Available3/14/2016
CA Fresno BOE-571-DReporting Monthly Acquisitions and DisposalsNot AvailableNot Released from Tax Agency
CA Fresno BOE-571-LBusiness Property Statement and Schedule ANot AvailableNot Released from Tax Agency
CA Fresno Sch B 571LCost Detail: Buildings / Leasehold ImprovementsNot AvailableNot Released from Tax Agency
CA FTB-1115Request for Consent for a Water's-Edge Re-ElectionNot Available2/26/2016
CA FTB-1117Request to Terminate Water's-Edge ElectionNot Available2/27/2016
CA FTB-2416Schedule Included Controlled Foreign CorporationsNot Available3/14/2016
CA FTB-2424Water's-Edge Foreign Investment Interest OffsetApprovedApproved
CA FTB-3500Exemption Application, Questions, and SchedulesNot Available3/14/2016
CA FTB-3500ASubmission of Exemption RequestPending Approval3/14/2016
CA FTB-3516Request for Copy of ReturnNot Available3/14/2016
CA FTB-3519 (PIT)Payment for Automatic Extension for IndividualsApprovedApproved
CA FTB-3525Substitute for Form W-2, or Form 1099-RNot Available3/4/2016
CA FTB-3533Change of AddressPending Approval2/26/2016
CA FTB-3537Payment for Automatic Extension for LLCsPending Approval3/1/2016
CA FTB-3538 (565)Extension Payment for LPs, LLPs, and REMICsPending Approval2/26/2016
CA FTB-3539 (CORP)Payment for Automatic Extension for CorporationsApprovedApproved
CA FTB-3563 (541)Payment Voucher for Extension for FiduciariesPending Approval3/1/2016
CA FTB-3574Special Election for Business Trusts and SMLLCsNot Available3/14/2016
CA FTB-3576 (PIT)Pending Audit Tax Deposit Voucher for IndividualsNot Available3/14/2016
CA FTB-3578Pending Audit Tax Deposit Voucher for LLCsNot Available2/18/2016
CA FTB-3580Election to Amortize Certified Pollution FacilityNot Available2/26/2016
CA FTB-3581Tax Deposit Refund and Transfer RequestNot Available3/14/2016
CA FTB-3725Assets Transferred from Corp to Insurance CompanyNot Available3/14/2016
CA FTB-3805DNOL Computation and Limitation - Pierce's DiseaseApprovedApproved
CA FTB-3864Group Nonresident Return ElectionNot Available3/3/2016
CA FTB-4925Application for Voluntary DisclosurePending Approval3/14/2016
CA LAC 571-LBusiness Property Statement and SchedulesNot AvailableNot Released from Tax Agency
CA LP-1ACertificate of Limited Partnership - ConversionPending Approval3/14/2016
CA Sch 1067ANonresident Group Return Schedule (Form 540NR)Not Available2/29/2016
CA Sch 1067BGroup Nonresident Return Payment Transfer RequestNot Available3/14/2016
CA Sch H (100W)Dividend Income Deduction - Water's-Edge FilersNot Available3/14/2016
CA Sch P (100W)AMT and Credit Limitations - Water's-Edge FilersNot Available3/14/2016
CO 104XAmended Individual Income Tax ReturnNot Available2/26/2016
CO DurangoSales / Use Tax ReturnNot Available3/1/2016
CT 1040ESEstimated Income Tax PaymentApprovedApproved
CT 1040-EXTExtension Time to File Tax Return for IndividualsNot Available2/26/2016
CT 1040XAmended Income Tax Return for IndividualsDraft3/14/2016
CT 1120 EDPCElectronic Data Processing Equipment Ppty CreditNot Available3/5/2016
CT 1120 ESA,B,C,DEstimated Corporation Business Tax PaymentPending Approval2/17/2016
CT 1120 FCICFixed Capital Investment Tax CreditNot Available3/14/2016
CT 1120 HCICHuman Capital Investment CreditNot Available3/14/2016
CT 1120 NJCNew Jobs Creation Tax CreditNot Available3/14/2016
CT 1120 RDCResearch and Development Expenditures Tax CreditNot Available3/14/2016
CT 1120CCCombined Return ConsentNot Available3/14/2016
CT 1120CRCombined Corporation Business Tax Return, Sch KCNot Available3/14/2016
CT 1120IInterest Due on Underpayment of Estimated TaxNot Available3/5/2016
CT 1120-JETJob Expansion Tax CreditNot Available3/5/2016
CT 1120XAmended Corporation Business Tax ReturnNot Available3/14/2016
CT 19ITTitle 19 Status ReleaseApprovedApproved
CT 8379Nonobligated Spouse ClaimNot Available3/5/2016
CT 990T EXTExtension of Time to File Unrelated Business TaxNot Available3/6/2016
CT AU-524Assignment of Retailer's Rights for RefundPending Approval3/14/2016
CT OP-186Individual Use Tax Return and Schedules A, B, CNot Available2/29/2016
CT OP-424 (DRS/N)Business Entity Tax ReturnNot AvailableNot Released from Tax Agency
CT Sch CHETHigher Education Trust (CHET)ApprovedApproved
CT Sch I (1041)Alt Minimum Tax Computation of Trusts or EstatesNot Available2/15/2016
CT-2 (2016)Employee Representative's Quarterly Railroad TaxNot AvailableFinal Pending from Tax Agency
DC D-2220Underpayment Estimated Franchise Tax by BusinessesNot Available2/26/2016
DC D-4Withholding Allowance CertificateApprovedApproved
DC D-65Partnership Return of IncomeApprovedApproved
DC D-76PPayment Voucher for Estate TaxPending Approval3/14/2016
DC FP-129AExtension of Time to File Personal Property ReturnNot AvailableNot Released from Tax Agency
DC FP-31Personal Property Tax Return and SchedulesNot AvailableNot Released from Tax Agency
DC FP-31PPersonal Property Tax Return Payment VoucherNot AvailableNot Released from Tax Agency
DE 1027Extension of Time to File Individual Tax ReturnNot Available2/26/2016
DE 1049W99701Claim for Revision for Monthly/Quarterly Tax W/HPending Approval3/14/2016
DE 1100Corporation Income Tax Return and SchedulesPending Approval2/15/2016
DE 1100-PS Corporation Income Tax Estimated Payment CouponsNot Available2/23/2016
DE 1100-P-EXTS Corporation Request for ExtensionNot Available3/14/2016
DE 1100SS Corporation Reconciliation and Shareholders InfoPending Approval3/3/2016
DE 1100-TCorporate Tentative Tax ReturnNot Available2/23/2016
DE 1100-T-EXTCorporate Income Tax Request for ExtensionNot Available3/14/2016
DE 200-01-XResident Amended Personal Income Tax ReturnApprovedApproved
DE 200-02-XNon-Resident Amended Personal Income Tax ReturnApprovedApproved
DE 200-CComposite Personal Income Tax ReturnNot Available3/14/2016
DE 209Claim for Refund on Behalf of Deceased TaxpayerNot Available3/14/2016
DE 329Special Tax Computation for Lump Sum DistributionNot Available2/21/2016
DE 400-ESDeclaration of Estimated Fiduciary Income TaxNot Available2/15/2016
DE 400-EXDeclaration of Fiduciary Income Tax - ExtensionNot Available3/14/2016
DE 700Income Tax Credit ScheduleNot Available3/3/2016
DE 800Business Income of Non-ResidentNot Available2/23/2016
DE 900-NREstate Tax Returns for Non-Resident DecedentsPending Approval2/23/2016
DE 900-REstate Tax Returns for Resident DecedentsPending Approval3/3/2016
DE IRASpecial Tax Computation IRA DistributionNot Available3/14/2016
DE Sch A (1100S)S Corporation Reconciliation of Ordinary IncomePending Approval2/15/2016
DE Sch A-1 (1100S)S Corporation Shareholders Information ReturnPending Approval2/15/2016
DE W3 (2016)Annual Reconciliation of Income Tax WithheldNot Available3/1/2016
DE W3A (2016)8th-Monthly Annual Reconciliation of Tax WithheldNot Available3/1/2016
DE Wilmington WCWT-5Application for Tax Refund of City Wage TaxNot Available3/6/2016
DE Wilmington WCWT-6Net Profits Tax Return and SchedulesNot Available3/14/2016
FL DR-1214Application for Temporary Tax Exemption PermitPending Approval2/22/2016
FL F-1120XAmended Corporate Income/Franchise Tax ReturnNot Available3/6/2016
FL RT-28Election Nonprofit Organization Method of PaymentPending Approval3/14/2016
FL RT-6NF (2016)Employer's Quarterly Report for Out-of-State WagesApprovedApproved
FL RT-8ACorrection Employer's Quarterly or Annual ReportPending Approval3/14/2016
FL Sch I-XVII DR-908Schedules I - XVIINot Available3/3/2016
FS 1050Creditor's Request for PaymentPending Approval3/14/2016
FS 5336Disposition of Securities to Decedent's EstatePending Approval3/14/2016
GA 500 XAmended Individual Income Tax ReturnNot Available2/26/2016
GA G-1003 (2016)Income Statement ReturnNot Available3/14/2016
GA IT-560Extension Payment VoucherNot Available2/26/2016
HI 323Monthly Premium Tax StatementNot Available3/14/2016
HI HW-6Employee's Statement to Employer NonresidenceApprovedApproved
HI HW-7Exemption from Withholding on NR Employee's WagesApprovedApproved
HI N-101AExtension of Time to File Individual Tax ReturnNot Available2/26/2016
HI N-168Income Averaging for Farmers and FishermenApprovedApproved
HI N-220Underpayment of Estimated Tax - CorporationsApprovedApproved
HI N-301Automatic Extension of Time to File ReturnNot Available2/26/2016
HI N-346Tax Credit for Research ActivitiesApprovedApproved
HI N-346AStatement of Research Development Costs by QHTBApprovedApproved
HI N-814Election to Report Child's Interest and DividendsApprovedApproved
HI Sch J (N-40)Trust Allocation of an Accumulation DistributionApprovedApproved
HI UC-25Notification of ChangesPending Approval3/14/2016
IA 1040CComposite Individual Income Tax Return 41-006ApprovedApproved
IA 1040XAmended Individual Income Tax Return 41-122Pending Approval3/5/2016
IA 1040XVAmended Income Tax Payment Voucher 41-121Not Available3/14/2016
IA 1120ESCorporate Estimate Tax Payment Voucher 45-004Not Available2/23/2016
IA 1120XAmended Corporation Income Tax Return 42-024Not Available3/14/2016
IA 2440Disability Income Exclusion 41-127Not Available3/14/2016
IA 31-113Sales Tax Exemption Certificate - Energy UsedNot Available3/3/2016
IA 4506Request for Copy of Tax Return 95-504Not Available3/14/2016
IA 4626F, 8827FComputation of Alternative Minimum Tax / CreditNot Available3/3/2016
IA 6251BBalance Sheet / Statement of Net Worth 41-135Not Available2/23/2016
IA 706Inheritance Tax Return 60-008Not Available2/24/2016
ID 41ESRUnderpayment of Estimated Tax EFO00027Not Available3/3/2016
ID 47Mine License Tax Return EFO00048Pending Approval3/14/2016
ID 51 (Ext.)Extension Payment of Individual Income TaxNot Available2/26/2016
ID 85Small Employer New Jobs Tax Credit EFO00017ApprovedApproved
IL 1040-XAmended Individual Income Tax ReturnApprovedApproved
IL 1040-X-VPayment Voucher for Amended Individual Income TaxNot Available2/26/2016
IL 1041-XAmended Fiduciary Income/Replacement Tax ReturnNot Available3/14/2016
IL 1041-X-VPayment Voucher for Amended Fiduciary Income TaxNot Available3/1/2016
IL 1065-XAmended Partnership Replacement Tax ReturnNot Available3/14/2016
IL 1065-X-VPayment Voucher for Amended Partnership TaxNot Available3/1/2016
IL 1120-ST-XAmended Small Business Corporation Tax ReturnNot Available3/3/2016
IL 1120-ST-X-VPayment Voucher for Amended Small Business TaxNot Available3/1/2016
IL 1120-XAmended Corporation Income/Replacement Tax ReturnNot Available3/14/2016
IL 1120-X-VPayment Voucher for Amended Corporation Income TaxNot Available3/14/2016
IL 505-I (1040)Automatic Extension Payment for IndividualsPending Approval2/20/2016
IL 516-BPass-through Prepayment VoucherNot Available3/3/2016
IL 516-IPass-through Prepayment VoucherNot Available3/3/2016
IL 8857Request for Innocent Spouse ReliefPending Approval3/14/2016
IL 990-TExempt Organization Income/Replacement Tax ReturnNot Available2/15/2016
IL 990-T-VPayment Voucher for Exempt Organization TaxNot Available3/1/2016
IL 990-T-XAmended Exempt Org Income/Replacement Tax ReturnNot Available3/14/2016
IL 990-T-X-VPayment Voucher for Amended Exempt OrganizationNot Available3/14/2016
IL PTAX-340Senior Citizens Freeze Homestead ExemptionPending Approval3/6/2016
IL Sch UB (1120)Combined Apportionment for Unitary Business GroupNot Available3/14/2016
IL Sch UB/INS (1120)Tax for Unitary Group with Foreign Insurer MembersNot Available3/14/2016
IL Sch UB/NLD (1120)Unitary Illinois Net Loss DeductionNot Available3/14/2016
IN 131Petition for Review of Assessment 42936Not Available3/3/2016
IN 136Application for Property Tax Exemption 9284Pending Approval3/14/2016
IN 38333Amendment of the Articles of IncorporationPending Approval3/14/2016
IN FIT-20Financial Institution Tax Return Schedules 44623Not Available3/14/2016
IN IT-20NPNonprofit Unrelated Business Income Tax Return 148ApprovedApproved
IN IT-20XAmended Corporation Income Tax Return 438Not Available3/14/2016
IN IT-40XAmended Individual Income Tax Return 44405Not Available2/26/2016
IN SC-40Unified Tax Credit for the Elderly 44404ApprovedApproved
IN Sch FIT-20 NOLComputation of Net Operating Loss Deduction 44624Not Available2/26/2016
IN Sch IN-2058SPNR Military Spouse Earned Income Deduction 54259Not Available3/14/2016
IN Sch IT-2440Disability Retirement Deduction 46003Not Available3/14/2016
KS K-130Privilege Tax ReturnNot Available2/26/2016
KS K-40V (Ext.)Individual Income Tax Payment Voucher (Extension)Not Available2/26/2016
KY 2220-KUnderpayment and Late Payment of Estimated TaxNot Available3/3/2016
KY 40A201NP-WH-SLExtension of Time to File Form 740NP-WHApprovedApproved
KY 41A720SLExtension to File Corporation or Pass-throughNot Available2/19/2016
KY 720-ESCorporation Estimated Tax Voucher 41A720ESNot Available2/15/2016
KY 720S(K)S Corporations with Economic Development ProjectsNot Available3/3/2016
KY 73A801Bank Franchise Tax Return and SchedulesNot Available3/14/2016
KY 740NP-WH-ESNonresident W/H and Composite Income Tax VoucherApprovedApproved
KY 740-XAmended Individual Income Tax Return 42A740-XNot Available2/26/2016
KY 750Business Development Corporation Tax Return 41A750Not Available3/3/2016
KY 92A201Inheritance Tax Return No Tax DuePending Approval2/23/2016
KY Fay 220-221-S(16)Employer's Return of License Tax W/H for SchoolsNot AvailableNot Released from Tax Agency
KY Georgetown NP100Net Profit License Tax ReturnApprovedApproved
KY K-4ESpecial Withholding Exemption CertificateNot AvailableNot Released from Tax Agency
KY Lexington 211-TCalculation of Wages Earned Out Fayette CountyApprovedApproved
KY Lexington 228ENPQuarterly Estimate Payment VoucherNot Available3/3/2016
KY Owensboro BLOccupational Business License ApplicationPending Approval3/14/2016
KY Owensboro NP-1AAmended Net Profit License Fee ReturnPending Approval3/14/2016
KY Sch A-NApportionment Factor Schedule 41A720A-NApprovedApproved
KY Sch COGSLimited Liability Entity Tax Cost of Goods SoldNot Available2/15/2016
KY Sch CR (720)Pro Forma Federal Consolidated Return 41A720CRNot Available3/3/2016
KY Sch FDFood Donation Tax Credit 41A720FDNot Available3/3/2016
KY Sch HHHousing for Homeless Families Deduction 41A720HHApprovedApproved
KY Sch KCR (720)Consolidated Return Schedule 41A720KCRApprovedApproved
KY Sch NOL (720)Net Operating Loss Schedule 41A720NOLNot Available3/3/2016
KY Sch TCSTax Credit Summary Schedule 41A720TCSNot Available3/3/2016
KY Sch UTC (740)Unemployment Tax Credit 42A740-UTCNot Available3/3/2016
LA Catahoula (04/16)Parish Sales and Use Tax ReportNot Available3/14/2016
LA CIFT-620Corporation Income and Franchise Tax ReturnNot Available2/15/2016
LA E-File Info BusElectronic Filing Information for Business ReturnsNot Available2/15/2016
LA IT-540Resident Individual Income Tax ReturnPending Approval2/15/2016
LA IT-540BNonresident and Part-Year Resident Income TaxPending Approval2/15/2016
LA Lincoln ParishSales and Use Tax ReportPending Approval2/12/2016
LA R-1021Sales Tax Electronic Filing Payment VoucherPending Approval3/14/2016
LA R-1035Consumer Use TaxPending Approval3/1/2016
LA R-1086Solar Energy Income Tax CreditNot Available3/14/2016
LA R-20211Document Checklist for Offer in CompromisePending Approval3/14/2016
LA R-7006Power of Attorney / Declaration of RepresentativePending Approval3/14/2016
LA R-8352SFFraudulent Refund Deposit for Single Filing StatusPending Approval3/14/2016
Lump-Sum Wkst (1040)Social Security Lump-Sum Election WorksheetApprovedApproved
MA 355-7004 MiscExtension of Time to File Financial, MiscellaneousNot Available3/14/2016
MA 355-ESCorporate Estimated Tax Payment VouchersNot Available3/3/2016
MA 355QApplication for Manufacturing ClassificationPending Approval3/14/2016
MA 355RDStatement Relating to Research and DevelopmentNot AvailableNot Released from Tax Agency
MA 3MReturn for Clubs and Other NonProfit OrganizationsApprovedApproved
MA 63 FIFinancial Institution Excise Return and SchedulesNot Available3/14/2016
MA 63-23PPremium Excise Return for Insurance CompaniesNot Available3/14/2016
MA M-4868Extension of Time to File Income Tax ReturnApprovedApproved
MA M-990TUnrelated Business Income Tax ReturnNot Available2/18/2016
MA M-990T-7004Unrelated Business Income Tax ExtensionNot Available3/14/2016
MA NHRNew Hire and Independent Contractor Reporting FormPending Approval3/5/2016
MA PTE-EXW/H Exemption Certificate for Members of a PTEPending Approval3/5/2016
MA Sch H-2 WkshtRecapture Offset WorksheetNot AvailableNot Released from Tax Agency
MA UBIT-ESNonprofit Corporation Estimated Tax PaymentNot Available3/14/2016
MD 202 (07/15)Sales and Use Tax Return COM RAD 098Not AvailableNot Released from Tax Agency
MD 502TPComputation of Tax Preference Income COM/RAD-016Not Available3/14/2016
MD 502XAmended Tax Return COM/RAD 019Not Available2/26/2016
MD ApplTFApplication Termination Foreign Corp QualificationPending Approval3/14/2016
MD AT3-28Personal Property Return Financial InstitutionsNot Available3/14/2016
MD AT3-51Personal Property of Proprietorships/PartnershipsNot Available2/26/2016
MD AT3-53Personal Property Return for Owners of RentalsNot Available3/14/2016
MD AT3-75Personal Property Return for Banks and Trust CoNot Available3/14/2016
MD HTC-60Homeowners' Property Tax Credit App AT8-60HNot Available3/5/2016
MD MW506Employer's Quarterly and Monthly ReportPending Approval2/12/2016
MD MW506AECertificate of Full/Partial Exemption COM/RAD-306Not Available2/26/2016
MD MW506AMEmployer Return of Tax Withheld - AmendedPending Approval3/14/2016
MD MW506FREmployer Withholding Final Return Form COM/RAD 046Pending Approval3/14/2016
MD MW508 (2016)Annual Employer Withholding Reconciliation ReturnNot Available3/1/2016
MD MW508CRBusiness Income Tax CreditsNot Available3/14/2016
MD MW508NRSReconciliation for Sales of Real Property by NRNot Available3/14/2016
MD RTC-60Renters' Tax Credit ApplicationNot Available3/5/2016
MD SDAT-EFT-1Authorization Agreement for EFT AT3-73Pending Approval3/14/2016
ME 1041ES-MEEstimated Tax Payment Voucher for Estates/TrustsNot Available2/24/2016
ME 1041ME-EXTExtension Payment Voucher for Fiduciary Income TaxNot Available3/14/2016
ME 1120B-MEFranchise Tax Return for Financial InstitutionsNot Available3/14/2016
ME 801AProperty Claimed for 12 or Fewer YearsNot AvailableNot Released from Tax Agency
ME 801BProperty Claimed for More Than 12 YearsNot AvailableNot Released from Tax Agency
ME 941A-ME (2016)Amended Return of Maine Income Tax WithholdingNot Available3/14/2016
ME CICWCapital Investment Credit Worksheet for Tax YearNot Available3/14/2016
ME CRB (1120B)Franchise Combined Report for Unitary MembersNot Available3/3/2016
ME CrEduOppEmpEducational Tax Credit for EmployersApprovedApproved
ME JITCJobs and Investment Tax Credit WorksheetApprovedApproved
ME PTDZ WPine Tree Development Zone Tax Credit WorksheetApprovedApproved
ME QCCITCWQuality Child-Care Investment Tax Credit WorksheetNot Available3/3/2016
ME RETCResearch Expense Tax Credit WorksheetNot Available3/14/2016
ME Sch 2A (941A)Individual Employee/Payee/Withholding CorrectionsNot Available3/14/2016
ME W3 (2016)Reconciliation of Maine Income Tax WithheldNot Available3/1/2016
MI 1040X-12Amended Income Tax ReturnNot Available2/26/2016
MI 1045Application for Net Operating Loss RefundNot Available3/14/2016
MI 2773Notice to Terminate a MET Educational BenefitsPending Approval2/24/2016
MI 3683Power of Attorney and Corporate Officer LiabilityPending Approval2/21/2016
MI 4Extension of Time to File Tax ReturnsNot Available2/26/2016
MI 4095Request and Consent Disclosure of Tax Return InfoPending Approval3/14/2016
MI 4579MBT Qualified Affordable Housing Seller DeductionNot Available2/26/2016
MI 4581MBT Schedule Business Activity Non-Designated UBGNot Available2/27/2016
MI 4913Corporate Income Tax Quarterly ReturnPending Approval2/19/2016
MI 4917Flow-Through Withholding Quarterly ReturnApprovedApproved
MI 4919Unitary Apportionment for Flow-Through WithholdingNot Available3/14/2016
MI 4920Flow-Through Withholding Opt-Out ScheduleNot Available3/14/2016
MI 777Resident Credit for Tax Imposed-Canadian ProvinceNot Available3/14/2016
MI 807Composite Individual Income Tax Return, Schs A-CNot Available3/14/2016
MI CF-1041Fiduciary Common City ReturnNot Available3/3/2016
MI CF-1041ESCommon City Estimated Fiduciary Payment VoucherNot Available3/14/2016
MI CF-1041PVCommon City Fiduciary Tax Return Payment VoucherNot Available3/14/2016
MI CF-1065ESPartnership Estimated Income Tax Payment VoucherNot Available3/14/2016
MI CF-1065PVPartnership Income Tax Return Payment VoucherNot Available3/14/2016
MI CF-7004Common City Extension Time to File Business ReturnNot Available2/26/2016
MI CF-SS-4Common City Employer's Withholding RegistrationNot Available3/14/2016
MI CFW-3 (2016)Common City Employer's Annual Recon of IT WithheldNot Available3/1/2016
MI CSCL/CD-411Registration to Transact Business for Foreign LPPending Approval3/14/2016
MI CSCL/CD-500Articles of Incorporation for Domestic Profit CorpPending Approval3/14/2016
MI CSCL/CD-502Articles of Incorporation for Domestic NonprofitPending Approval3/14/2016
MI CSCL/CD-511Restated Articles of Incorporation by NonprofitPending Approval3/14/2016
MI CSCL/CD-516Amendment to the Articles of IncorporationPending Approval3/14/2016
MI CSCL/CD-521Resignation of Resident Agent for Corp/LP/LLCPending Approval3/14/2016
MI CSCL/CD-525Renewal of Corporate Existence by Domestic CorpsPending Approval3/14/2016
MI CSCL/CD-545Registration of Corporate Name by Foreign CorpPending Approval3/14/2016
MI CSCL/CD-560Certificate of Authority by Foreign CorporationPending Approval3/14/2016
MI CSCL/CD-753Articles of Organization and Conversion to LLCPending Approval3/14/2016
MI CSCL/CD-753PArticles of Organization and Conversion to LLCPending Approval3/14/2016
MI CSCL/CD-760Application to Transact Business by Foreign LLCPending Approval3/14/2016
MI CSCL/CD-762Amending Application for Foreign LLCPending Approval3/14/2016
MI Detroit D-1040-ESUse Form MI 5123Not AvailableNot Released from Tax Agency
MI Detroit D-1040EXTUse Form MI 5209Not AvailableNot Released from Tax Agency
MI Detroit D-1041Estates and Trusts, Schedule G-1Not Available3/6/2016
MI Detroit D-1041EXTEstates and Trusts - Extension RequestNot Available3/6/2016
MI Detroit D-1065City Income Tax Partnership ReturnNot Available3/6/2016
MI Detroit D-1065EXTPartnership City Income Tax Extension RequestNot Available3/6/2016
MI Detroit D-1120EXTCorporate City Income Tax - Extension RequestNot Available3/6/2016
MI Detroit DW-3 (16)W-3 City Income Tax Withheld Annual ReconciliationNot AvailableNot Released from Tax Agency
MI Detroit Sch RZ 20Computation of the Renaissance Zone DeductionNot Available3/6/2016
MI Detroit Sch RZ 40Use Form MI 5118Not AvailableNot Released from Tax Agency
MI HU-1040-ESDeclaration of Estimated City Income TaxNot Available3/14/2016
MI PH-1040ESEstimated City Tax Payment VouchersNot Available3/14/2016
MI Sch L (PH-1040)Port Huron Multiple Tax Rate ScheduleApprovedApproved
MI W4PW-4P Withholding Cert for Pension/Annuity PaymentsPending Approval3/14/2016
MN AFFAffiliations for Combined ReturnsNot Available3/14/2016
MN Bus-88Articles of Organization for a LLCPending Approval3/14/2016
MN M1PRXAmended Homestead Credit and Property Tax RefundNot Available3/14/2016
MN M1XAmended Income TaxNot Available3/14/2016
MN M22Request for Early Audit of Income Tax Return(s)Pending Approval3/14/2016
MN M2XAmended Income Tax Return for Estates and TrustsNot Available3/14/2016
MN M3XAmended Partnership Return Claim for RefundNot Available3/14/2016
MN M4NPUnrelated Business Income Tax (UBIT) ReturnApprovedApproved
MN M4NPAApportionment CalculationNot Available3/14/2016
MN M4NPIIncome Adjustments, Deductions and CreditsNot Available3/14/2016
MN M4RBusiness Activity ReportNot Available3/14/2016
MN M4XAmended Franchise Tax Return / Claim for RefundNot Available3/14/2016
MN M500JOBZ Tax Benefit ReportNot Available3/14/2016
MN M8XAmended S Corporation Return/Claim for RefundNot Available3/14/2016
MN M99Credit for Military Service in a Combat ZoneNot Available3/14/2016
MN Sch M15NP(M4NP)Additional Charge Underpayment Estimated Tax - NPONot Available3/14/2016
MN Sch M706QElection - Small Business, Farm Property DeductionNot Available3/14/2016
MN W4MNW-4 Employee Withholding Allowance/Exemption Cert.Not Available3/14/2016
MO 2210Underpayment of Estimated TaxNot Available2/26/2016
MO 2643ATax Registration ApplicationApprovedApproved
MO 2827Power of AttorneyApprovedApproved
MO 331Surety BondNot Available2/26/2016
MO 4572E-Filing Trading Partner Agreement (TPA)ApprovedApproved
MO 7004Extension of Time to File (Corporate Extension)Not Available2/26/2016
MO 941Employer's Return of Income Taxes WithheldPending Approval2/15/2016
MO 943Request for Tax ClearanceNot Available3/3/2016
MO ATCAdoption Tax Credit ClaimNot Available2/26/2016
MO BTCBank Tax Credit for S Corporation ShareholdersNot Available2/26/2016
MO SHCSelf-Employed Health Insurance Tax CreditNot Available2/26/2016
MO St. Louis E-1RIndividual Earnings Tax Refund RequestNot Available3/14/2016
MO St. Louis E-9Application for Earnings Tax AccountPending Approval3/14/2016
MO St. Louis W10/P10Employer's Quarterly Earnings Tax ReturnPending Approval3/6/2016
MT 34Articles of Incorporation for Domestic Profit CorpNot Available3/14/2016
MT CR-TApplication for Tax CertificatePending Approval3/14/2016
MT DER-1Disregarded Entity Information Return and Sch INot Available3/14/2016
MT ESA-FIDFiduciary Estimated Tax Annualization WorksheetNot Available3/14/2016
NC 478ITax Credit Research and DevelopmentApprovedApproved
NC 478JTax Credit Creating New JobsApprovedApproved
NC 478KTax Credit Investing in Business PropertyApprovedApproved
NC 4PWithholding Certificate for Pension/Annuity PymtsPending Approval3/14/2016
NC D-400V (Amended)Amended Individual Income Payment VoucherNot Available2/26/2016
NC D-422Underpayment of Estimated Tax by IndividualsNot Available2/26/2016
NC D-422AAnnualized Income Installment WorksheetNot Available2/26/2016
NC Guilford AV-9GCApplication for Property Tax ReliefNot Available3/14/2016
NC Sch AMD-400 Schedule AM - Amended ScheduleNot Available2/26/2016
ND 1EXTIndividual Extension Payment VoucherNot Available2/28/2016
ND 38-ESEstimated Tax Payment Voucher - Estate or TrustNot Available2/18/2016
ND 38-EXTFiduciary Extension Payment VoucherNot Available3/14/2016
ND 40-ESEstimated Tax Payment Voucher - CorporationNot Available2/17/2016
ND 40-EXTExtension Tax Payment Voucher - CorporationNot Available3/1/2016
ND 40-UTUnderpayment of Estimated Income TaxApprovedApproved
ND 58-ESPartnership Estimated Tax Payment VoucherNot Available2/18/2016
ND 58-EXTPartnership Extension Payment VoucherNot Available3/1/2016
ND 60-ESS Corporation Estimated Tax Payment VoucherNot Available2/18/2016
ND 60-EXTS Corporation Extension Payment VoucherNot Available3/1/2016
ND Sch 1PG (1)Planned Gift Tax CreditNot Available3/14/2016
ND SFN-11300Charitable Organization Registration StatementNot Available3/3/2016
NE 1040XNAmended Individual Income Tax ReturnNot Available3/14/2016
NE 1120NFFinancial Institution Tax Return 8-403Not Available3/14/2016
NE 1120XNAmended Corporation Income Tax Return, SchedulesPending Approval3/14/2016
NE 12NNonresident Income Tax Agreement 8-065Not Available3/3/2016
NE 22Change Request 7-104-1975Not Available3/14/2016
NE 2220NCorporation Underpayment of Estimated Tax 8-238Not Available3/14/2016
NE 26Exemption Certificate - Native American 7-127-1976Pending Approval3/14/2016
NE 33Power of Attorney 7-139-1978Pending Approval3/14/2016
NE 7Claim for Refund of Sales/Use Tax 6-063-1967Not Available3/14/2016
NE 8-552Corporation Net Operating Loss Wkst 8-552-1997Pending Approval3/14/2016
NE 872NExtension of Statute of Limitations AgreementPending Approval3/14/2016
NE Sch I (458)Income Statement 96-296-2009Not Available3/5/2016
NE Sch III,IV(1120N)Converting Net Income to Combined Income 8-241Not Available3/14/2016
NH 11Articles of IncorporationPending Approval3/14/2016
NH 1120-WECombined Business Profits Tax Return, Sch I-ANot Available2/26/2016
NH 40Certificate of Authority Profit Foreign CorpPending Approval3/14/2016
NH DES-605New Hire Reporting FormPending Approval3/14/2016
NH DP-2848Power of Attorney (POA)Pending Approval3/14/2016
NH DP-8Low/Moderate Income Homeowners Property Tax ReliefNot AvailableNot Released from Tax Agency
NH NHES-0037Employer Status ReportPending Approval3/14/2016
NJ 1040XAmended Income Tax Resident ReturnNot Available2/26/2016
NJ BFC-1Banking and Financial Corporation Tax ReturnNot Available3/14/2016
NJ BFC-150Banking and Financial Corporation Estimated TaxNot Available3/14/2016
NJ BFC-160-AUnderpayment of Estimated Tax Less Than 50 millionNot Available3/14/2016
NJ BFC-160-BUnderpayment of Estimated Tax More Than 50 millionNot Available3/14/2016
NJ GIT/REP-1Nonresident Seller's Tax DeclarationNot Available3/3/2016
NJ Newark PR Tax 16Quarterly Payroll Tax StatementNot AvailableNot Released from Tax Agency
NJ PTR-1Property Tax Reimbursement ApplicationNot Available3/14/2016
NJ PTR-1AHomeowners Verification of Property TaxesNot Available2/26/2016
NJ PTR-1BMobile Home Owners Verification of Site FeesApprovedApproved
NJ PTR-2AHomeowners Verification of Property TaxesNot AvailableNot Released from Tax Agency
NJ PTR-2BMobile Home Owners Verification of Park Site FeesNot AvailableNot Released from Tax Agency
NJ ST-18BAnnual Business Use Tax ReturnNot AvailableNot Released from Tax Agency
NJ UC-9AEmployee's Refund of Excess ContributionsNot Available3/14/2016
NM ACD-31050Application - Nontaxable Transaction CertificatesPending Approval3/14/2016
NM CIT-3Corporate Child Care Credit; Schedules A and BNot Available3/14/2016
NM RPD-41071Application for Tax RefundPending Approval3/14/2016
NM RPD-41287Penalty and Interest on Underpayment of EstimatesNot Available3/3/2016
NM RPD-41338Waiver for Preparers Electronic Filing RequirementPending Approval2/13/2016
NM RPD-41373Refund of Tax Withheld - Pass-Through EntitiesNot Available3/14/2016
NV RPT3795Employer's Quarterly Report/NEW0098 Wage ReportNot Available3/3/2016
NY AU-298Application for a Direct Payment PermitPending Approval3/14/2016
NY CHAR004Annual Filing for Charitable Lead TrustsNot AvailableNot Released from Tax Agency
NY CT-184Transportation/Transmission Corporation FranchiseNot Available3/3/2016
NY CT-186Utility Corporation Franchise Tax ReturnNot Available2/26/2016
NY CT-186-ETelecommunications and Utility Services Tax ReturnNot Available2/26/2016
NY CT-186-PUtility Services Tax Return - Gross IncomeNot Available3/6/2016
NY CT-186-P/MUtility Services MTA Surcharge ReturnNot Available2/26/2016
NY CT-2658/2658-ATTReport of Estimated Tax for Corporate PartnersApprovedApproved
NY CT-33Life Insurance Corporation Franchise Tax ReturnNot Available3/6/2016
NY CT-3-AGeneral Business Corp Combined Tax ReturnNot AvailableFinal Pending from Tax Agency
NY CT-5.1Additional Extension of Time to FileNot Available2/26/2016
NY CT-51Combined Filer for New Formed GroupsNot Available2/26/2016
NY CT-6.1Termination of Election to be a NY S CorporationApprovedApproved
NY CT-644Workers with Disabilities Tax CreditNot Available2/26/2016
NY DOS-0635Application for Reservation of Name Not-for-ProfitPending Approval3/14/2016
NY DTF-620Application for Certification of a QETCNot Available3/3/2016
NY DTF-625Low-Income Housing Credit AllocationNot Available2/26/2016
NY DTF-625-ATTLow-Income Housing Credit Annual StatementApprovedApproved
NY DTF-664Tax Shelter Disclosure for Material AdvisorsApprovedApproved
NY IT-201-XAmended Resident Income Tax ReturnPending Approval2/23/2016
NY IT-203Nonresident and Part-Year Resident Income TaxApprovedApproved
NY IT-203-DNonresident and Part-Year Itemized DeductionApprovedApproved
NY IT-203-GRGroup Return for Nonresident Partners, SchedulesNot Available3/3/2016
NY IT-203-S/ATTGroup Return for Nonresident ShareholdersNot Available3/3/2016
NY IT-203-TMGroup Return for NR Athletic Team MembersNot Available3/3/2016
NY IT-204-CP, IP K1Corporate Partner's Sch K-1 and Partner's Sch K-1ApprovedApproved
NY IT-215Claim for Earned Income Credit and Worksheet BApprovedApproved
NY IT-260.1Change of Resident Status - Special AccrualsNot Available3/3/2016
NY IT-2659Estimated Tax Penalties for PartnershipsNot Available3/3/2016
NY NYC CR-ACommercial Rent Tax Return (June to May ONLY)Not AvailableNot Released from Tax Agency
NY NYC CR-Q1Commercial Rent Tax Return (June to August ONLY)Not AvailableNot Released from Tax Agency
NY NYC-1Tax Return for Banking - S Corporations OnlyNot Available2/26/2016
NY NYC-115UBT Report of Change in Taxable IncomeNot Available3/1/2016
NY NYC-1ACombined Tax Return for Banking - S CorporationsApprovedApproved
NY NYC-2Business Corporation Tax Return - C CorporationsNot AvailableFinal Pending from Tax Agency
NY NYC-2.1Investment and Other Exempt Income and CapitalDraftFinal Pending from Tax Agency
NY NYC-2.2Subtraction Modification for Banks, Other LendersDraftFinal Pending from Tax Agency
NY NYC-2.3Prior Net Operating Loss Conversion SubtractionDraftFinal Pending from Tax Agency
NY NYC-2.4Net Operating Loss Deduction (NOLD) and Schedule ADraftFinal Pending from Tax Agency
NY NYC-2.5Computation of Receipts FactorDraftFinal Pending from Tax Agency
NY NYC-202EINUnincorporated Business Tax Return Estates/TrustsApprovedApproved
NY NYC-222Underpayment of Estimated Tax by CorporationsNot Available2/26/2016
NY NYC-222BUnderpayment of Est Tax by Subchapter S BankingNot Available3/1/2016
NY NYC-3A/ATTSchedules C, D, F, G - Attachment to Form NYC-3ANot Available3/14/2016
NY NYC-3A/BSubsidiary Detail Spreadsheet AttachmentNot Available3/14/2016
NY NYC-400BEstimated Tax by Banking CorporationsNot Available2/23/2016
NY NYC-579-CORSignature Authorization for E-Filed Business CorpApprovedApproved
NY NYC-9.7CUBT Paid Credit Business CorporationsDraftFinal Pending from Tax Agency
NY NYS-1Return of Tax WithheldPending Approval2/15/2016
NY NYS-45-XAmended Quarterly Combined W/H, Wage and UIPending Approval2/26/2016
NY RP-425-RnwRenewal Application for School Tax Relief (STAR)Not AvailableNot Released from Tax Agency
NY ST-100.10 (12/15)Quarterly Sch FR ST Qualified Motor FuelPending Approval2/15/2016
NY ST-100.3 (12/15)Quarterly Sch B Taxes Utilities and Heating FuelsPending Approval2/15/2016
NY ST-100.7 (12/15)Quarterly Sch H Clothing/Footwear Sales ExemptionPending Approval2/24/2016
NY ST-100.8 (12/15)Quarterly Sch T Taxes on Telephone ServicesPending Approval2/15/2016
NY ST-101State and Local Annual Sales and Use Tax ReturnPending Approval2/19/2016
NY ST-101.8Taxes on Telephone ServicesNot Available2/29/2016
NY ST-124Certificate of Capital ImprovementPending Approval3/14/2016
NY ST-140Purchaser's Annual Report of Sales and Use TaxApprovedApproved
NY ST-810 (02/16)State and Local ST Part-Quarterly Monthly FilersPending Approval2/15/2016
NY ST-810.3 (02/16)Quarterly Sch B Part-Quarterly Monthly FilersPending Approval2/15/2016
NY TMT-1.1Continuation Sheet for TMT-1 ApplicationNot Available3/3/2016
NY Y-206Yonkers Nonresident Fiduciary Earnings Tax ReturnNot Available3/3/2016
OH CCA 120-16-ECCCA Exemption CertificateNot Available2/26/2016
OH CCA 120-16-IRCCA City Tax Form - Municipal Income TaxApprovedApproved
OH CCA 201 ESCCA Net Profit EstimateNot Available2/26/2016
OH CCA 202ESCCA Estimate Tax Form - Municipal Income TaxApprovedApproved
OH Cincinnati D-1Individual Declaration of Estimated Income TaxNot Available3/3/2016
OH Cincinnati D-1 BBusiness Declaration of Estimated Income TaxApprovedApproved
OH Cincinnati IRTRNRNonresident Refund Tax ReturnNot Available3/3/2016
OH Cincinnati L-2-CComputation of Nonresident Taxable IncomeNot Available3/3/2016
OH Evendale BREvendale Business Income Tax ReturnNot Available3/3/2016
OH Hamilton 4868-HExtension to File Individual or Business ReturnNot Available3/14/2016
OH Hamilton BRBusiness Income Tax ReturnNot Available3/3/2016
OH Hamilton D-1Declaration of Estimated Income TaxNot AvailableNot Released from Tax Agency
OH Hamilton NIFIndividual No Income ReturnApprovedApproved
OH IT BUS (1040)Business Income SchedulePending Approval2/24/2016
OH IT/SD-2210 ShortUnderpayment of Ohio or School District Income TaxNot Available2/26/2016
OH IT-1040Individual Income Tax ReturnPending Approval2/24/2016
OH IT-3 (2016)Transmittal of Wage and Tax StatementsNot Available3/1/2016
OH LS-WKSLump Sum Retirement/Distribution Cr. WkstNot Available2/26/2016
OH RITA 27RITA Net Profits Tax ReturnPending Approval2/24/2016
OH Sch CreditsSchedule of CreditsPending Approval2/24/2016
OH Sch JDependents Claimed on the IT 1040 ReturnPending Approval2/24/2016
OH SD-100Universal SD 100 School District Income Tax ReturnPending Approval2/24/2016
OH SD-101 (2016)Employer's Payment of School District Tax - ShortApprovedApproved
OH SD-101 Long 2016Employer's Payment of School DistrictApprovedApproved
OH SD-141 Long 2016School District Employer's Annual ReconciliationNot Available3/1/2016
OH Toledo D1Estimated TaxNot Available3/14/2016
OH WT-OOROpt Out Request for Electronic Filing or PaymentApprovedApproved
OK 504Extension of Time to File Income Tax ReturnNot Available2/26/2016
OK 506Investment/New Jobs CreditNot Available3/1/2016
OK 512EReturn of Organization Exempt From Income TaxApprovedApproved
OK 512SANonresident Shareholder AgreementApprovedApproved
OK 512-TIComputation of Consolidated Taxable IncomeNot Available3/14/2016
OK 512-TI-SUPSupplemental Schedule for Form 512-TINot Available3/14/2016
OK 514-PTPartnership Composite Income Tax SupplementNot Available2/19/2016
OK 514-PT-SUPSupplemental Schedule for Form 514-PTNot Available3/1/2016
OK 573Farm Income AveragingNot Available3/1/2016
OK 574Resident/Nonresident AllocationApprovedApproved
OK 901-P (Generic)Business Personal Property - Petroleum RelatedNot Available3/14/2016
OK 904-3-P (Gen)Petroleum Related Asset Listing (Generic)ApprovedApproved
OK OW-11Registration for Withholding for NR MembersNot Available3/3/2016
OK OW-15Nonresident Member Withholding Exemption AffidavitPending Approval3/14/2016
OK OW-15-ATransmittal of Nonresident Member W/H ExemptionPending Approval3/14/2016
OK OW-8-ESCCorporate, Fiduciary and Partnership Estimated TaxApprovedApproved
OK OW-8-P-SUP-CAnnualized Installment Method Corporations/TrustsNot Available3/1/2016
OK OW-8-P-SUP-IAnnualized Income Installment for IndividualsNot Available3/1/2016
OK Sch 3 (904) GenAsset Listing (General)Not Available3/14/2016
OR 150-101-024Low-Income Caregiver CreditNot Available3/14/2016
OR 150-101-057Disability CertificationPending Approval3/14/2016
OR 150-101-151Election for Final Tax Determination for TaxesNot Available3/14/2016
OR 150-101-157Settlement Offer Payment Coupon and ApplicationPending Approval3/14/2016
OR 150-101-175Affidavit for Nonresident Owner in a Pass-ThroughNot Available3/14/2016
OR 150-102-032Dependent Care Credits for EmployersNot Available3/3/2016
OR 150-104-005Discharge from Personal Liability for Estate TaxNot Available3/14/2016
OR 150-490-015Property Tax Deferral Application 150-490-014Not Available3/14/2016
OR 150-800-005Tax Information Authorization/Power of AttorneyNot Available2/26/2016
OR 18, WC, TP18-VReport of Tax Payments Real Property ConveyancesNot Available3/14/2016
OR 19Annual Report of Nonresident Owner Tax PaymentsNot Available3/14/2016
OR 20-INSInsurance Excise Tax Return 150-102-129Not Available2/26/2016
OR 243Claim to Refund Due a Deceased Person 150-101-032Not Available3/14/2016
OR 40-V (EXT)Income Tax Payment Voucher 150-101-172 (Extension)Not Available2/26/2016
OR 706-AAdditional Estate Transfer Tax Return 150-104-007Not Available3/14/2016
OR 90RElderly Rental Assistance 150-545-002Not Available3/3/2016
OR CT-12Charitable Activities Section for Oregon CharitiesNot Available3/3/2016
OR CT-12FCharitable Activities Section Foreign CharitiesNot Available3/14/2016
OR CT-12SCharitable Activities Section Split-Interest TrustNot Available3/14/2016
OR FIA-40Income Averaging 150-101-160Not Available3/14/2016
OR FIA-40NFarm Income Averaging 150-101-161Not Available3/14/2016
OR FIA-40PFarm Income Averaging 150-101-161Not Available3/14/2016
OR Info ChangeInformation ChangePending Approval3/14/2016
OR OA and 132Domestic Annual Report 150-211-159Pending Approval2/23/2016
OR OC-VComposite Return Payment Voucher 150-101-150Not Available2/15/2016
OR OQ and 132 (2016)Quarterly Tax Report and Unemployment InsuranceNot AvailableNot Released from Tax Agency
OR PAProfessional Athletic Team Tax Report 150-206-015Not AvailableNot Released from Tax Agency
OR Portland CCombined Tax Return for CorporationsApprovedApproved
OR Portland ECombined Tax Return for Trusts and EstatesNot Available3/3/2016
OR Portland PCombined Tax Return for PartnershipsApprovedApproved
OR Portland QEstimated Business Income and License TaxNot Available3/14/2016
OR Portland QUUnderpayment of Estimated PaymentsNot Available3/14/2016
OR Portland SCCombined Tax Return for S-CorporationsApprovedApproved
OR Sch B (2016)State Withholding TaxNot AvailableNot Released from Tax Agency
OR Sch MPCMobile Home Park Closure 150-101-178Not Available3/14/2016
OR Sch OSMP (706)Special Marital Property CalculationNot Available3/14/2016
OR Sch ZComputation of Tax (Farm Income Averaging)Not Available3/14/2016
OR SPSSeverance Pay Subtraction 150-101-706Pending Approval3/14/2016
OR WR (2016)Annual Withholding Tax Reconciliation ReportNot Available4/1/2016
PA Cumberland LSTCounty Local Services Tax Quarterly CouponApprovedApproved
PA DSCB 1306-2102Articles of Incorporation - For Profit CorporationPending Approval3/14/2016
PA DSCB 15-5110Annual Statement - Nonprofit CorporationPending Approval3/14/2016
PA DSCB: 15-8221Certificate of Annual RegistrationPending Approval3/14/2016
PA DSCB:15-134BDocketing Statement - ChangesPending Approval3/14/2016
PA DSCB:15-138Statement of CorrectionPending Approval3/14/2016
PA DSCB:15-8201AStatement of Registration Domestic LLPPending Approval3/14/2016
PA DSCB:15-8205Statement of Withdrawal from Registered LLPPending Approval3/14/2016
PA PGH ET-1Payroll Expense TaxPending Approval2/16/2016
PA PGH LST RFLocal Services Tax Refund FormPending Approval2/29/2016
PA Phi 83-A272Philadelphia Wage Tax Refund Petition CommissionNot Available3/14/2016
PA Phi 83-A272APhiladelphia Wage Tax Refund PetitionNot Available3/3/2016
PA Phi AREPReconciliation of Employee Earnings Payment CouponNot Available3/14/2016
PA Phi ARETPhiladelphia Reconciliation of Employee EarningsNot Available3/14/2016
PA Phi BIRT ESPhiladelphia BIRT Estimated Payment CouponNot Available2/24/2016
PA Phi BIRT EXPhiladelphia BIRT Extension Payment CouponNot Available3/14/2016
PA Phi ENP-1/ENP-2Net Profits Tax Payment Coupon and VouchersNot Available2/26/2016
PA Phi ExtSchool Income Tax Extension Payment CouponNot Available3/14/2016
PA Phi NPT EXPhiladelphia Net Profits Tax ExtensionNot Available3/14/2016
PA RCT-101Corporate Tax ReportApprovedApproved
PA RCT-121BGross Premiums Tax - Foreign Life or Title Ins.Not Available2/26/2016
PA RCT-132BBank and Trust Company Shares Tax ReportNot Available3/6/2016
PA REV-1630AUnderpayment of Estimated Tax by FarmersApprovedApproved
PA Sch D (20S/65)Sale, Exchange, or Disposition of PropertyPending Approval2/15/2016
PA Sch E (20S/65)Rent and Royalty Income (Loss)Pending Approval3/3/2016
PA Sch PA-40X (40)Amended Personal Income Tax ScheduleNot Available2/26/2016
RI 1040CComposite Income Tax ReturnNot Available3/14/2016
RI 1040C-ESComposite Income Tax Estimated PaymentNot Available3/14/2016
RI 1040C-VComposite Income Tax Return Payment VoucherNot Available3/14/2016
RI 1040X-NRAmended Nonresident Individual Income Tax ReturnNot Available3/14/2016
RI 1040X-RAmended Resident Individual Income Tax ReturnNot Available3/14/2016
RI 1041ESFiduciary Estimated Payment CouponNot Available2/18/2016
RI 1041MUCredit for Income Taxes Paid to Multiple StatesNot Available3/3/2016
RI 1065Partnership Income ReturnNot Available2/15/2016
RI 107Tax Incentives for EmployersNot Available3/14/2016
RI 1096PTPass-Through Withholding Return and TransmittalNot Available3/6/2016
RI 1096PT-ESPass-through Withholding Estimated Payment VoucherNot Available3/3/2016
RI 1096VPass-Through Withholding Return PaymentNot Available3/14/2016
RI 1120CBusiness Corporation Tax ReturnNot Available3/3/2016
RI 1120ESEstimated Corporate Tax Payment VoucherNot Available3/3/2016
RI 1120POLPolitical Organization Tax ReturnNot Available3/14/2016
RI 1120SSubchapter S Business Corporation Tax ReturnNot Available2/24/2016
RI 2210CUnderpayment of Estimated Tax by Composite FilersNot Available3/14/2016
RI 2210PTUnderpayment of Estimated Tax-Pass-through FilersNot Available3/14/2016
RI 2441Adult and Child Day Care Assistance Tax CreditPending Approval2/18/2016
RI 2848Power of AttorneyNot Available3/14/2016
RI 2874Employer's Apprenticeship CreditApprovedApproved
RI 2949Job Training CreditPending Approval2/18/2016
RI 4868CExtension of Time to File Composite Tax ReturnNot Available3/14/2016
RI 4868PTPass-through Withholding Extension PaymentNot Available3/14/2016
RI 656Offer in CompromiseNot AvailableNot Released from Tax Agency
RI 7004Automatic Extension RequestNot Available2/26/2016
RI 8736Extension of Time to File Fiduciary Income TaxNot Available3/14/2016
RI 9261Jobs Development Act Rate ReductionDraft2/18/2016
RI Sch K1Taxpayer's Share of Income, DeductionsApprovedApproved
RI TX-16Claim for Refund of Temporary Disability InsurancePending Approval3/14/2016
RI TX-17 (2016)Quarterly Tax and Wage ReportNot AvailableNot Released from Tax Agency
RI W-4Employee's Withholding Allowance CertificateNot Available2/23/2016
SC 1040XAmended Individual Income Tax 3083Not Available2/29/2016
SC 1041ESFiduciary Declaration of Estimated Tax VoucherNot Available2/17/2016
SC 1101BBank Tax Return 3089Not Available3/14/2016
SC 1120-CDPCorporation Declaration of Estimated Tax 3093Not Available2/19/2016
SC 1120S-WHWithholding Tax on Income of NR Shareholders 3312Not Available3/5/2016
SC 2210Underpayment of Estimated Tax by Individuals 3098ApprovedApproved
SC 2220Underpayment of Estimated Tax by Corporations 3099Pending Approval2/17/2016
SC 4506Request for Copy of Tax Form 3103Not Available3/14/2016
SC 4868Extension - Individual Income Tax Return 3506Not Available2/26/2016
SC 8736Extension to File Return for Fiduciary/PartnershipNot Available3/5/2016
SC 990-TExempt Organization Business Tax Return 3315Not Available2/23/2016
SC CL-1Initial Annual Report of Corporations 3134Not Available3/6/2016
SC FS-102Installment Agreement Request 2094Not Available3/14/2016
SC I-290Nonresident Real Estate Withholding 3271Not Available3/14/2016
SC I-290XAmended Nonresident Real Estate Withholding 3290Not Available3/14/2016
SC I-295Seller's Affidavit Nonresident Seller WithholdingNot Available3/14/2016
SC I-309Nonresident Shareholder or Partner Affidavit 3313Not Available3/6/2016
SC I-312Nonresident Affidavit Income Tax WithholdingNot Available3/14/2016
SC PT-300A (2017)Schedule A - Manufacturing or Mining 7051Pending Approval2/22/2016
SC PT-300B (2017)Schedule B - Non-Contiguous Manufacturing 7052Pending Approval2/22/2016
SC PT-300C (2017)Schedule C - Research and Development 7053Pending Approval2/22/2016
SC PT-300D (2017)Corporate Headquarters Distribution Facility 7054Pending Approval2/22/2016
SC PT-300E (2017)Schedule E - Leased Utility 7055Pending Approval2/22/2016
SC PT-300F (2017)Schedule F - Leased Transportation for Hire 7056Pending Approval2/22/2016
SC PT-300S (2017)Schedule S - Manufacturing Fee in Lieu of Tax 7061Pending Approval2/22/2016
SC PT-300T (2017)Schedule T - Non-Manufacturing Fee in Lieu of TaxPending Approval2/22/2016
SC PT-300X (2017)Schedule X - Improvement Schedule 7057Pending Approval2/22/2016
SC PT-300Z (2017)Schedule Z - Lease Schedule 7058Pending Approval2/23/2016
SC Sch TC-18Research Expenses Credit 3368Pending Approval2/15/2016
SC Sch TC-57AExceptional Needs Children Educational Credit 3656Pending Approval3/14/2016
SC ST-10Application for Certificate 5012Not Available3/14/2016
SC ST-8Exemption Sales and Use Tax (Single Sale Only)Not Available3/14/2016
Sch A (8804)Penalty for Underpayment of Estimated Sec 1446 TaxNot Available3/3/2016
Sch M-3 (1120-L)Net Income (Loss) Recon for Life InsuranceNot Available3/14/2016
Sch M-3 (1120-PC)Net Income (Loss) Recon - Property/Casualty InsNot Available3/3/2016
TN BUS-417Business Tax ReturnNot Available3/14/2016
TN FAE-174Franchise and Excise Financial Institutional TaxNot Available3/3/2016
TN RV-F1300501Application for RegistrationPending Approval3/14/2016
TX AP-201Application for Sales and/or Use Tax PermitApprovedApproved
TX C-1Status ReportNot Available2/20/2016
TX Harris Cty 22.15Business Personal Property RenditionApprovedApproved
UT 1Status ReportPending Approval3/14/2016
UT 1NNonprofit Organization - Status ReportPending Approval3/14/2016
UT 3HADJAmended Wage ListPending Approval3/14/2016
UT Sch A (TC-20MC)Tax CalculationNot Available3/14/2016
UT Sch B, E TC-20MCRefundable Credits and Prepayments of Any TypeNot Available3/14/2016
UT Sch M (TC-20)Corporations Included in Combined FilingsApprovedApproved
UT TC-20MCTax Return for Miscellaneous CorporationsNot Available3/14/2016
UT TC-738Petition for RedeterminationPending Approval3/14/2016
UT TC-941NPAWorksheet for Nonresident Professional AthletesNot Available3/14/2016
VA 304Major Business Facility Job Tax CreditPending Approval3/14/2016
VA 306Coal Related Refundable Tax CreditsNot Available3/14/2016
VA 500CP/CGCorporate Income Tax Automatic Extension VoucherNot Available3/14/2016
VA 500NOLDCorporation Appl for Refund Carryback of NOLNot Available3/14/2016
VA 760/IP/CGAutomatic Extension Payment Voucher for IndividualNot Available2/26/2016
VA 760FUnderpayment of Estimated Tax Farmer/Fisher/SeamenNot Available3/14/2016
VA 760-PFFPayment Coupon for Farmer/Fish and Merchant SeamenNot Available3/3/2016
VA 765, Sch LUnified Nonresident Individual Income Tax ReturnNot Available2/15/2016
VA 770/IP/CGFiduciary/Unified NR Automatic Extension PaymentNot Available3/14/2016
VA 770ESEstimated Payment Voucher for Estates and TrustsNot Available3/3/2016
VA Alexandria BPPCity Business Personal Property ReturnNot AvailableNot Released from Tax Agency
VA Bristol MTCity Meals Tax FormNot Available2/15/2016
VA CU-7Consumer's Use Tax Return for IndividualsNot Available3/1/2016
VA Fairfax 8TA-EXExclusion Worksheet - Fairfax County BPOLPending Approval3/14/2016
VA Fairfax ExemptCounty Tax Exempt ApplicationPending Approval3/14/2016
VA FC-20CAccount Change Notice Information UpdatePending Approval3/14/2016
VA LLC-1052Certificate of Registration as a Foreign LLCPending Approval3/14/2016
VA PTEPass-Through Credit AllocationNot Available3/14/2016
VA S/U Waiver EFSales Tax EF Waiver RequestPending Approval3/14/2016
VA Sch 306ACoal Sold for Coal Credit to Qualified PurchasersNot Available3/14/2016
VA Sch 306BCredit Application for Coal Related Tax CreditsNot Available3/14/2016
VA Sch 306CRecapitulation of Coal Tax Credit AllocationNot Available3/14/2016
VA Sch B (304)Qualifying Employees SchedulePending Approval3/14/2016
VA ST-10Sales and Use Tax Certificate of ExemptionPending Approval3/14/2016
VA ST-10ASales and Use Exemption (Printed Materials)Pending Approval3/14/2016
VA ST-11Sales and Use Certificate of ExemptionPending Approval3/14/2016
VA ST-12Sales/Use Tax Certificate of Exemption GovernmentPending Approval3/14/2016
VA ST-13Sales/Use Tax Certificate of Exemption (Medical)Pending Approval3/14/2016
VA ST-13ASales/Use Tax Certificate of Exemption (Churches)Pending Approval3/14/2016
VA ST-14Sales and Use Tax Certificate of ExemptionPending Approval3/14/2016
VA ST-14ASales and Use Tax Exemption (Livestock Dealer)Pending Approval3/14/2016
VA ST-16Sales and Use Tax Certificate of ExemptionPending Approval3/14/2016
VA ST-18Sales and Use Tax Certificate of ExemptionPending Approval3/14/2016
VA ST-19Sales/Use Tax Certificate of Exemption (Shipping)Pending Approval3/14/2016
VA TEL-1Telework Expenses Credit Reservation ApplicationApprovedApproved
VA T-FC-27Report to Determine LiabilityPending Approval3/14/2016
VT C-1Status ReportPending Approval3/14/2016
VT FIT-168Extension of Time to File Fiduciary Tax ReturnNot Available2/26/2016
VT HI-144Household IncomeApprovedApproved
VT IN-151Extension of Time to File Individual Tax ReturnNot Available2/26/2016
VT IN-152, 152AUnderpayment of Estimated Individual Income TaxNot Available3/1/2016
VT IPT-632Estimate of Insurance Premium TaxPending Approval3/14/2016
VT LIFELINEApplication for Lifeline Telephone Service CreditNot Available3/3/2016
W4SW-4S Request for Federal Income Tax from Sick PayNot Available3/14/2016
WA Bellevue MPTMulti-Purpose Tax ReturnNot Available3/14/2016
WA EMS-5208 AQuarterly Unemployment Insurance - Tax SummaryPending Approval2/15/2016
WA EMS-5208 BQuarterly Unemployment Insurance - Wage DetailPending Approval2/15/2016
WA EMS-5208 C, DBusiness Change and Amended Tax and Wage ReportPending Approval3/14/2016
WA REV-27 0032Buyer's Retail Sales Tax Exemption CertificatePending Approval3/14/2016
WI 4466WQuick Refund of Overpayment of Estimated TaxNot Available3/3/2016
WI DETI-14168Employer Report Labor Market InformationNot Available3/14/2016
WI Sch ARExplanation of Amended ReturnNot Available2/26/2016
WI UCT-1Employer ReportNot Available3/14/2016
WI UCT-43Preliminary ReportNot Available3/14/2016
WI UCT-5334Agricultural Employer's ReportNot Available3/14/2016
WI UCT-673Nonprofit Organization Employers ReportNot Available3/14/2016
WI W-118AEmployer's Wage Attachment RemittancePending Approval3/14/2016
WV CNF-120WWithholding - Credit Sch. Corporation Net ITApprovedApproved
WV IT-140NRCNonresident Composite Income Tax ReturnNot Available3/3/2016
WV IT-141WWithholding Tax ScheduleNot Available3/3/2016
WV Sch UB-4APTAllocation and Apportionment Multistate BusinessNot Available3/3/2016
WV SPF-100EXTExtension of Time to File Information ReturnsNot Available2/26/2016
WV SPF-100WWithholding-Credit Schedule Pass-Through EntityApprovedApproved
WV STC-12:32C (2015)Commercial Business Property ReturnNot AvailableNot Released from Tax Agency
WV STC-12:32IIndustrial Business Property ReturnNot AvailableNot Released from Tax Agency