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  Forms Release Schedule
This table lists dates on which ATX expects to post forms approved for paper filing. A similar table exists for e-file approval on the E-File Center.

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Estimated Release Date for All Forms Learn About the Definitions of Status Messages
Form NameDescriptionCurrent Status *Estimated Approval *
1024-AApp for Recognition of Exemption Under 501(c)(4)Not Available2/23/2018
1040-CDeparting Alien Income Tax ReturnDraftFinal Pending from Tax Agency
1040-ES (NR)Estimated Tax for Nonresident Alien IndividualsNot AvailableNot Released from Tax Agency
1040-ES (PR)Contribuciones Federales Estimadas del TrabajoNot AvailableFinal Pending from Tax Agency
1040-PRPlanilla para Declaracion ContribucionNot Available3/12/2018
1040-SSSelf-Employment Tax (Samoa, etc.)Not Available3/6/2018
1041-ESEstimated Income Tax for Estates and TrustsNot AvailableNot Released from Tax Agency
1041-NReturn for Alaska Native Settlement TrustsPending Approval3/12/2018
1042-S (2018)U.S. Source Income Subject to WithholdingNot Available4/1/2018
1045Application for Tentative RefundApprovedApproved
1120-CIncome Tax Return for Cooperative AssociationsApprovedApproved
1120-LLife Insurance Company Income Tax ReturnApprovedApproved
1120-PCProperty and Casualty Insurance Company Tax ReturnNot Available2/23/2018
1120-RICIncome Tax Return Regulated Investment CompaniesNot Available2/23/2018
1120-W (Worksheet)Estimated Tax for CorporationsNot AvailableNot Released from Tax Agency
2290, 2290-V (07/18)Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax ReturnDraftFinal Pending from Tax Agency
2439Undistributed Long-Term Capital GainsApprovedApproved
4720Certain Excise Taxes under IRC Chapters 41 and 42Not Available3/6/2018
5884-ACredits for Affected Disaster Area EmployersDraftFinal Pending from Tax Agency
6627 (01/18)Environmental TaxesNot Available3/6/2018
720, 720-V (01/18)Quarterly Federal Excise Tax ReturnDraftFinal Pending from Tax Agency
8822-BChange of Address or Responsible Party - BusinessPending Approval2/28/2018
8835Renewable Electricity and Coal Production CreditDraftFinal Pending from Tax Agency
8900Qualified Railroad Track Maintenance CreditDraftFinal Pending from Tax Agency
8908Energy Efficient Home CreditDraftFinal Pending from Tax Agency
8910Alternative Motor Vehicle CreditDraftFinal Pending from Tax Agency
8911Alternative Fuel Vehicle Refueling Property CreditDraftFinal Pending from Tax Agency
8917Tuition and Fees DeductionNot Available3/12/2018
8936Qualified Plug-in Electric Drive Motor Vehicle CrDraftFinal Pending from Tax Agency
8963Report of Health Insurance Provider InformationPending Approval3/13/2018
8966FATCA ReportApprovedApproved
941 (2018)Employer's Quarterly Federal Tax ReturnDraftFinal Pending from Tax Agency
941PR, 941V(PR) 18Planilla Para La Decl Fed Trimestral Del PatronoDraftFinal Pending from Tax Agency
941-SS,941-V(SS) 18Employer's Quarterly Federal Return (Samoa, Guam)DraftFinal Pending from Tax Agency
941-V (2018)Employer's Quarterly Federal Payment VoucherDraftFinal Pending from Tax Agency
9452Filing Assistance ProgramNot AvailableNot Released from Tax Agency
990-WEstimated Tax on Unrelated Business Taxable IncomeNot AvailableNot Released from Tax Agency
AK 0405-6100Oil and Gas Corporation Net Income Tax ReturnNot Available3/12/2018
AK 0405-6220Underpayment of Estimated Tax by CorporationsApprovedApproved
AK 0405-6230Quick Refund of Overpayment of Estimated TaxNot Available3/12/2018
AK 0405-6300Incentive Credits SummaryNot Available3/12/2018
AL Irondale TRCity of Irondale Tax ReportPending Approval2/27/2018
Anexo H-PR (1040-PR)Contribuciones el Empleo - Empleados DomesticosNot Available3/12/2018
AR 1000CRIncome Tax Composite Tax ReturnApprovedApproved
AR 1036Employee Tuition Reimbursement Tax CreditPending Approval3/9/2018
AR 2220, 2220AUnderpayment of Estimated TaxNot Available3/6/2018
AR CFTRAnnual Corporation Franchise Tax ReportNot Available3/6/2018
AR CR-02Charitable Organization Consent for ServicePending Approval3/10/2018
AR CR-03Charitable Organization Annual Financial ReportingPending Approval3/9/2018
AR NP-ARAnnual Report for Nonprofit CorporationPending Approval2/27/2018
AR SQ FLLP Act 1518Statement of Qualification of Foreign LLPPending Approval3/10/2018
AZ 120ES, 120WCorporation Estimated Tax Payment and WorksheetNot Available2/23/2018
AZ 120EXTApplication for Extension of Time to File 10340Not Available3/6/2018
AZ 141AZ EXTExtension for Fiduciary Returns Only 11136ApprovedApproved
AZ 203Request for Injured Spouse ProtectionNot Available3/6/2018
AZ 51Combined or Consolidated Return Affiliation SchApprovedApproved
AZ Sch ACAAir Carrier Apportionment 10535ApprovedApproved
AZ Sch MSPMultistate Service Provider Election/ComputationApprovedApproved
AZ USE VInd Consumer Use Tax Payment VoucherNot Available3/6/2018
CA 109Exempt Organization Business Income Tax ReturnNot Available2/23/2018
CA 541-QFTIncome Tax Return for Qualified Funeral TrustsNot Available3/6/2018
CA 570 (2018)Nonadmitted Insurance Tax ReturnApprovedApproved
CA 588Nonresident Withholding Waiver RequestApprovedApproved
CA 592Resident and Nonresident Withholding StatementNot Available3/6/2018
CA 592-APayment Voucher for Foreign Partner or Member W/HApprovedApproved
CA 593-EReal Estate Withholding - Estimated Gain or LossNot Available3/6/2018
CA Berkeley NBANew Business License ApplicationPending Approval3/9/2018
CA CDTF 531A1 04/18Computation Schedule for District Tax - Short FormNot Available5/1/2018
CA CDTF 531A2 04/18Computation Schedule for District Tax - Long FormNot Available5/1/2018
CA CDTF 531AE1 04/18Computation Schedule for District Tax - Short FormNot Available5/1/2018
CA CDTF 531AE1 10/17Computation Schedule for District Tax - Short FormApprovedApproved
CA CDTF 531AE2 04/18Computation Schedule for District Tax - Long FormNot Available5/1/2018
CA CDTF 531AE2 11/17Computation Schedule for District Tax - Long FormApprovedApproved
CA DE-1964Claim for Refund of Excess DeductionsApprovedApproved
CA DE-4PWithholding Certificate for Pension PaymentsPending Approval3/11/2018
CA Fresno BOE-571-LBusiness Property Statement and Schedule AApprovedApproved
CA FTB-1115Request for Consent for a Water's-Edge Re-ElectionNot Available3/12/2018
CA FTB-1117Request to Terminate Water's-Edge ElectionNot Available3/12/2018
CA FTB-2416Schedule Included Controlled Foreign CorporationsNot Available3/12/2018
CA FTB-2424Water's-Edge Foreign Investment Interest OffsetNot Available3/12/2018
CA FTB-3500Exemption Application, Questions, and SchedulesApprovedApproved
CA FTB-3500ASubmission of Exemption RequestApprovedApproved
CA FTB-3520 RVKPower of Attorney Declaration RevocationNot Available3/6/2018
CA FTB-3533-BChange of Address for BusinessesNot Available3/12/2018
CA FTB-3534Tax Information AuthorizationNot Available3/6/2018
CA FTB-3574Special Election for Business Trusts and SMLLCsNot Available3/12/2018
CA FTB-3576 (PIT)Pending Audit Tax Deposit Voucher for IndividualsNot Available3/12/2018
CA FTB-3580Election to Amortize Certified Pollution FacilityNot Available3/12/2018
CA FTB-3725Assets Transferred from Corp to Insurance CompanyNot Available3/12/2018
CA FTB-3864Group Nonresident Return ElectionApprovedApproved
CA Sch 1067BGroup Nonresident Return Payment Transfer RequestApprovedApproved
CA Sch H (100W)Dividend Income Deduction - Water's-Edge FilersNot Available3/12/2018
CA Sch P (100W)AMT and Credit Limitations - Water's-Edge FilersNot Available3/6/2018
CO Col Spr SUCity of Colorado Springs Sales Tax ReturnNot Available3/6/2018
CO DS 056SPersonal Property Declaration Schedule (Short)ApprovedApproved
CO DurangoCity of Durango - Sales / Use Tax ReturnPending Approval3/5/2018
CT 1040XAmended Income Tax Return for IndividualsPending Approval3/10/2018
CT 1120 RDCResearch and Development Expenditures Tax CreditApprovedApproved
CT 1120IInterest Due on Underpayment of Estimated TaxApprovedApproved
CT 6251Alternative Minimum Tax Return - IndividualsApprovedApproved
CT 990T EXTExtension of Time to File Unrelated Business TaxApprovedApproved
CT OP-216 (06/17)Special Fuel Tax ReturnApprovedApproved
CT OP-424 (DRS/N)Business Entity Tax ReturnApprovedApproved
CT Sch I (1041)Alt Minimum Tax Computation of Trusts or EstatesApprovedApproved
CT UC-60General ReleaseNot Available2/24/2018
CT UC-61Unemployment NoticePending Approval2/25/2018
CT-2 (2018)Employee Representative's Quarterly Railroad TaxNot AvailableFinal Pending from Tax Agency
DC D-4Withholding Allowance CertificatePending Approval3/6/2018
DC FP-129AExtension of Time to File Personal Property TaxNot AvailableNot Released from Tax Agency
DC FP-31Personal Property Tax ReturnNot AvailableNot Released from Tax Agency
DC FP-31PPersonal Property Tax Return Payment VoucherNot AvailableNot Released from Tax Agency
DC FR-800MSales and Use Tax Monthly ReturnNot AvailableNot Released from Tax Agency
DE 1100-P-EXTS Corporation Request for ExtensionNot Available3/6/2018
DE 1100-TCorporate Tentative Tax ReturnNot Available2/23/2018
DE 1100-T-EXTCorporate Income Tax Request for ExtensionNot Available3/6/2018
DE 209Claim for Refund on Behalf of Deceased TaxpayerNot Available3/12/2018
DE 400-EXDeclaration of Fiduciary Income Tax - ExtensionNot Available3/6/2018
DE 700Income Tax Credit ScheduleApprovedApproved
DE 900-NREstate Tax Returns for Non-Resident DecedentsApprovedApproved
DE ADJAPP (01/18)Adjustment ApplicationNot Available3/6/2018
DE IRASpecial Tax Computation IRA DistributionNot Available3/12/2018
DE W3 (2018)Annual Reconciliation of Income Tax WithheldNot Available3/1/2018
DE W3A (2018)8th-Monthly Annual Reconciliation of Tax WithheldNot Available3/1/2018
DE Wilmington WCWT-5Application for Tax Refund of City Wage TaxApprovedApproved
DE Wilmington WCWT-6Net Profits Tax Return and SchedulesApprovedApproved
GA 600 UETUnderpayment of Estimated Tax by CorporationsNot Available3/6/2018
GA IT-APPApplication for Approval of Project PlanNot Available3/12/2018
HI BB-1Basic Business ApplicationPending Approval3/9/2018
HI HW-7Exemption from Withholding on NR Employee's WagesNot Available3/12/2018
HI N-101AExtension of Time to File Individual Tax ReturnPending Approval3/5/2018
HI N-220Underpayment of Estimated Tax - CorporationsApprovedApproved
HI N-288Withholding Return for Dispositions by NR PropertyPending Approval3/9/2018
HI N-288AWithholding on Dispositions by Nonresident PersonsPending Approval3/9/2018
HI N-288CTentative Refund of W/H on Dispositions by NRPending Approval3/9/2018
HI N-301Automatic Extension of Time to File ReturnNot Available3/5/2018
HI N-310Multistate Tax Compact Short Form ReturnPending Approval3/5/2018
HI N-814Election to Report Child's Interest and DividendsPending Approval3/9/2018
IA 1120FFranchise Return for Financial Institutions 43-001Not Available3/12/2018
IA 1120V (Ext)Corporate Income Tax Payment Voucher (Extension)ApprovedApproved
IA 2440Disability Income Exclusion 41-127Not Available3/12/2018
IA 4626F, 8827FAlternative Minimum Tax, 8827F Alt Minimum CreditApprovedApproved
ID 41EXTExtension of Time Payment Business Income TaxNot Available3/6/2018
ID POAPower of Attorney EFO00104ApprovedApproved
ID PTR AppApplication for Property Tax Reduction EFO00002Not AvailableNot Released from Tax Agency
IL 1040-XAmended Individual Income Tax ReturnNot Available3/6/2018
IL 1040-X-VPayment Voucher for Amended Individual Income TaxApprovedApproved
IL 1041-X-VPayment Voucher for Amended Fiduciary Income TaxNot Available3/12/2018
IL 1065-XAmended Partnership Replacement Tax ReturnApprovedApproved
IL 1065-X-VPayment Voucher for Amended Partnership TaxNot Available3/12/2018
IL 1120-ST-X-VPayment Voucher for Amended Small Business TaxNot Available3/12/2018
IL 1120-XAmended Corporation Income/Replacement Tax ReturnApprovedApproved
IL 1120-X-VPayment Voucher for Amended Corporation Income TaxNot Available3/12/2018
IL 8633-BBusiness Electronic Filing EnrollmentPending Approval3/6/2018
IL 8857Request for Innocent Spouse ReliefApprovedApproved
IL 990-T-VPayment Voucher for Exempt Organization TaxNot Available3/12/2018
IL 990-T-XAmended Exempt Org Income/Replacement Tax ReturnNot Available3/12/2018
IL 990-T-X-VPayment Voucher for Amended Exempt OrganizationNot Available3/12/2018
IL PST-1Prepaid Sales Tax ReturnPending Approval3/9/2018
IL PST-1-XAmended Prepaid Sales Tax ReturnPending Approval3/6/2018
IL PST-2Prepaid Sales Tax Statement of Tax PaidPending Approval3/5/2018
IL PTAX-340Senior Citizens Freeze Homestead ExemptionPending Approval2/24/2018
IL REG-1Business Registration ApplicationNot Available3/6/2018
IL REG-UI-1Determine Liability - Unemployment Insurance ActNot Available3/6/2018
IL RUT-7Rolling Stock CertificationPending Approval3/6/2018
IL UI-50ANotice of ChangeNot Available3/6/2018
IN FIT-20Financial Institution Tax Return Schedules 44623Pending Approval3/12/2018
IN IT-20Corporate Adjusted Gross Income Tax Return 44275Pending Approval2/27/2018
IN NP-20Nonprofit Organization's Annual Report 51062Not Available3/6/2018
IN Sch FIT-20 NOLComputation of Net Operating Loss Deduction 44624ApprovedApproved
IN Sch IT-40QECEnterprise Zone Employee Deduction Cert 21928Not Available3/13/2018
KS K-130Privilege Tax ReturnNot Available3/6/2018
KS K-130ESPrivilege Estimated Tax VoucherNot Available3/12/2018
KS K-56Child Day Care Assistance CreditNot Available3/12/2018
KS Sch K-220 (K-120)Underpayment of Est. Tax (Corporate Income Tax)ApprovedApproved
KY 12A200Individual Tax Installment Agreement RequestApprovedApproved
KY 40A201NP-WH-SLExtension of Time to File Form 740NP-WHApprovedApproved
KY 720S(K)S Corporations with Economic Development ProjectsNot Available3/12/2018
KY 73A801Bank Franchise Tax Return and SchedulesNot Available3/12/2018
KY 740-NP-RReturn Nonresident - Reciprocal State 42A740-NP-RPending Approval3/6/2018
KY 740NP-WH-ESNonresident W/H and Composite Income Tax VoucherApprovedApproved
KY 740NP-WH-PUse Form KY 740-NPWHNot AvailableNot Released from Tax Agency
KY 750Business Development Corporation Tax Return 41A750Not Available3/12/2018
KY 765(K)Partnerships With Economic Development ProjectNot Available3/12/2018
KY 851-KAffiliations and Payment Schedule 41A720-S4ApprovedApproved
KY Boone Cty 2306 18Amended Quarterly Withholding Tax ReturnNot Available3/6/2018
KY Fay 220-221-S(18)Employer's Return of License Tax W/H for SchoolsNot AvailableNot Released from Tax Agency
KY Fay 222-SFayette County License Tax Withheld for SchoolsApprovedApproved
KY K-4ESpecial Withholding Exemption CertificateNot AvailableNot Released from Tax Agency
KY Lexington 222Fayette Reconciliation of License Fee WithheldApprovedApproved
KY Lexington 228 IPFayette Questionnaire and Initial ReportingApprovedApproved
KY Lexington 228ENPQuarterly Estimate Payment VoucherApprovedApproved
KY Sch HHHousing for Homeless Families Deduction 41A720HHNot Available3/12/2018
LA 8453-CCorporation Declaration for Electronic FilingNot AvailableNot Released from Tax Agency
LA Calcasieu 01/18Calcasieu Parish Sales and Use Tax ReportNot Available3/6/2018
MA 1099-HCIndividual Mandate Health Care CoveragePending Approval2/23/2018
MA 355-7004Corporate Extension Payment VoucherNot Available2/23/2018
MA 355QApplication for Manufacturing ClassificationPending Approval3/2/2018
MA 355RDStatement Relating to Research and DevelopmentNot AvailableNot Released from Tax Agency
MA 63 FIFinancial Institution Excise Return and SchedulesNot Available3/2/2018
MA 63-23PPremium Excise Return for Insurance CompaniesNot Available3/3/2018
MA 84Appl for Relief from Joint Income Tax LiabilityApprovedApproved
MA M-4768 (12/16)Estate Tax Extension Application (12/5/16 After)Pending Approval3/3/2018
MA M-8453Individual Tax Declaration for Electronic FilingApprovedApproved
MA M-8453CCorporate Tax Declaration for Electronic FilingApprovedApproved
MA M-8453FFiduciary Tax Declaration for Electronic FilingApprovedApproved
MA M-8453PPartnership Tax Declaration for Electronic FilingApprovedApproved
MA M-9325Electronic Filing Information HandoutApprovedApproved
MA M-941Employer's Return of Income Taxes WithheldPending Approval3/2/2018
MA Sch C-2Excess Deductions Against Trade or Business IncomePending Approval2/23/2018
MA ST-9Sales and Use Tax ReturnPending Approval3/2/2018
MA ST-MAB-4Sales Tax on Meals, Prepared Food and BeveragesApprovedApproved
MA STSSales and Use Tax on Telecom Services ReturnPending Approval3/2/2018
MA UBI-ESEstimated Tax Payment VoucherApprovedApproved
MA W-9Request for Taxpayer Identification NumberPending Approval3/2/2018
MD 2Personal Property Tax Return - Sole ProprietorshipNot Available3/12/2018
MD 202 (07/17)Sales and Use Tax Return COM RAD 098Not AvailableNot Released from Tax Agency
MD ABLWAdditional Business Locations WorksheetNot Available2/21/2018
MD HTC-60Homeowners' Property Tax Credit App AT8-60HPending Approval3/4/2018
MD MW506AEApplication for Cert of Full or Partial ExemptionApprovedApproved
MD MW506NRSIncome Tax W/H for Nonresident Sale of PropertyApprovedApproved
MD MW508 (2018)Annual Employer Withholding Reconciliation ReturnNot Available3/1/2018
MD RTC-60Renters' Tax Credit ApplicationPending Approval3/4/2018
ME 1120B-ESEstimated Tax Voucher for Financial InstitutionsNot Available3/12/2018
ME 1120B-EXTExtension Payment Voucher for Franchise TaxApprovedApproved
ME 700-SOVEstate Tax Statement of ValueApprovedApproved
ME 801AProperty Claimed for 12 or Fewer YearsNot AvailableNot Released from Tax Agency
ME 801BProperty Claimed for More Than 12 YearsNot AvailableNot Released from Tax Agency
ME CrEduOppEmpEducational Tax Credit for EmployersApprovedApproved
ME CrEduOppIndEducational Tax Credit With Employer ContributionApprovedApproved
ME INS-5Fire Investigation and Prevention Annual ReturnApprovedApproved
ME PTDZ WPine Tree Development Zone Tax Credit WorksheetApprovedApproved
ME REW-1-1040Real Estate Withholding Return- Transfer Real PptyApprovedApproved
ME Sch 1040CComposite Filing of Tax for Nonresident OwnersApprovedApproved
ME W3 (2018)Reconciliation of Income Tax WithheldNot Available3/1/2018
MI 1310Claim for Refund Due a Deceased Taxpayer 11Not Available3/6/2018
MI 5081 (2018)Sales, Use and Withholding Taxes Annual ReturnNot Available3/1/2018
MI 518Registration for Michigan Taxes (Business)Not Available3/6/2018
MI 5297City of Detroit Corporate Income Tax ReturnNot AvailableFinal Pending from Tax Agency
MI 5298Detroit Corporate Renaissance Zone ScheduleNot AvailableFinal Pending from Tax Agency
MI 5300Detroit Corporate Income Tax Quarterly VoucherNot AvailableFinal Pending from Tax Agency
MI 5301Application for Ext of Time to File City Corp ITRNot AvailableFinal Pending from Tax Agency
MI 5321 (2018)City Income Tax WTH Annual ReconciliationNot Available3/1/2018
MI 5324Detroit CIT Penalty/Interest Computation Est TaxNot AvailableFinal Pending from Tax Agency
MI 5458City of Detroit Partnership ReturnNot Available2/23/2018
MI 5459City of Detroit Partnership Renaissance Zone SchNot Available3/12/2018
MI 5461City of Detroit Partnership Quarterly Est VoucherNot Available2/23/2018
MI 5464City of Detroit Estates/Trusts Quarterly VoucherNot Available2/23/2018
MI CF-1040ESCommon City Estimated Income Tax Payment VoucherApprovedApproved
MI CF-1041ESCommon City Estimated Fiduciary Payment VoucherNot Available3/12/2018
MI CF-1041PVCommon City Fiduciary Tax Return Payment VoucherNot Available3/12/2018
MI CF-1065ESPartnership Estimated Income Tax Payment VoucherPending Approval3/12/2018
MI CF-1065PVPartnership Income Tax Return Payment VoucherPending Approval3/12/2018
MI CF-2210Common City Underpayment of Estimated TaxPending Approval3/12/2018
MI CF-2848Common City Power of Attorney AuthorizationApprovedApproved
MI CF-7004Common City Extension Time to File Business ReturnPending Approval3/12/2018
MI CF-SS-4Common City Employer's Withholding RegistrationNot Available3/12/2018
MI CFW-3 (2018)Common City Employer's Annual Recon of IT WithheldNot Available3/1/2018
MI HU-1040-ESDeclaration of Estimated City Income TaxNot AvailableNot Released from Tax Agency
MN AFFAffiliations for Combined ReturnsApprovedApproved
MN CR-SCDProperty Tax Deferral for Senior CitizensNot Available3/12/2018
MN ETANonresident Entertainer Tax: Annual ReconciliationNot Available3/12/2018
MN ETDNonresident Entertainer Tax: Promoter's DepositNot Available3/12/2018
MN M1PRXAmended Homestead Credit and Property Tax RefundApprovedApproved
MO ATCAdoption Tax Credit ClaimApprovedApproved
MO BTCBank Tax Credit for S Corporation ShareholdersApprovedApproved
MO CFCChampion for Children Tax CreditApprovedApproved
MO INT-2-1Bank Franchise Tax Schedule BFNot Available3/12/2018
MS 83-150Nonbusiness Income WorksheetNot Available3/12/2018
MT 2Individual Income Tax Return, Schs I - VI and VIIIPending Approval2/28/2018
MT DER-1Disregarded Entity Information Return and Sch IApprovedApproved
MT ESAEstimated Tax Annualization WorksheetApprovedApproved
MT ESA-FIDFiduciary Estimated Tax Annualization WorksheetNot Available3/12/2018
MT ETMEnrolled Tribal Member Exempt Income ReturnApprovedApproved
MT FTBFirst-Time Home Buyer - Annual ReportApprovedApproved
MT HIHealth Insurance for Uninsured CreditApprovedApproved
MT MT-RReciprocity Exemption from W/H for ND ResidentsNot Available3/12/2018
MT NOL Sch A,B,C,DNet Operating LossApprovedApproved
MT UI5/UI5AQuarterly Wage Report and Employee Wage ListingPending Approval3/2/2018
NC BE-03Application to Reserve a Business Entity NameNot Available3/12/2018
NC E-536R (4/17)Schedule of County Sales and Use Taxes for RefundNot Available4/21/2018
NC L-01AArticles of Organization (LLC)Not Available3/12/2018
NC N-04Articles of Merger Nonprofit - Hospital AuthorityNot Available3/12/2018
NC PLLC-02Articles of Organization (Professional LLC)Not Available3/12/2018
ND 28249Request for Copies of Tax ReturnsNot Available3/12/2018
ND 40-UTUnderpayment of Estimated Income TaxApprovedApproved
ND 60-EXTExtension Tax Payment Voucher - S CorporationPending Approval3/10/2018
ND Sch 1FC (1)Family Member Care Tax CreditApprovedApproved
ND Sch 1PG (1)Planned Gift Tax CreditApprovedApproved
ND Sch 1QEC (1)Qualified Endowment Fund Tax CreditApprovedApproved
NE 10 (04/18)Local Sales and Use Tax ReturnNot Available4/21/2018
NE 1040N-ESEstimated Income Tax Payment Vouchers 8-014DraftFinal Pending from Tax Agency
NE 1040XNAmended Individual Income Tax ReturnApprovedApproved
NE 1041N WkstElecting Small Business Trust Tax CalculationNot Available2/23/2018
NE 1120N-ESCorporation Estimated Tax Payment Voucher 8-013Not AvailableFinal Pending from Tax Agency
NE 1120NFFinancial Institution Tax Return 8-403Not Available3/12/2018
NE 12NNonresident Income Tax Agreement 8-065-2015Not Available3/6/2018
NE 2220NCorporation Underpayment of Estimated Tax 8-238Not AvailableFinal Pending from Tax Agency
NE 458Homestead Exemption Application 96-295-2009Not Available3/6/2018
NE 8-664E-file Opt-Out Record for IndividualsApprovedApproved
NE Sch I (458)Income Statement 96-296-2009Not Available3/6/2018
NH DP-8Low/Moderate Income Homeowners Property Tax ReliefNot AvailableNot Released from Tax Agency
NJ 1040XAmended Income Tax Resident ReturnApprovedApproved
NJ BFC-160-AUnderpayment of Estimated Tax Less Than 50 MillionApprovedApproved
NJ BFC-160-BUnderpayment of Estimated Tax - 50 Million or MoreApprovedApproved
NJ L-8Self-Executing Waiver AffidavitPending Approval3/4/2018
NJ Newark PR Tax 18City of Newark - Quarterly Payroll Tax StatementNot AvailableNot Released from Tax Agency
NJ PTR-1Senior Freeze (Property Tax Reimbursement)ApprovedApproved
NJ PTR-2AHomeowners Verification of Property TaxesNot AvailableNot Released from Tax Agency
NJ PTR-2BMobile Home Owners Verification of Park Site FeesNot AvailableNot Released from Tax Agency
NJ ST-18 (2018)Use Tax Return (for 2018 Purchases)ApprovedApproved
NJ UC-9AEmployee's Refund of Excess ContributionsNot AvailableNot Released from Tax Agency
NM ACD-31015Application for Business Tax Identification NumberPending Approval2/26/2018
NM CIT-3Corporate Child Care Credit; Schedules A and BNot Available3/12/2018
NM CIT-EXTCorporate Income/Franchise Tax Extension VoucherApprovedApproved
NM PIT-XPersonal Income Tax Amended ReturnNot Available3/6/2018
NM PTW-EXTWithholding of Net Income - PTE Extension VoucherApprovedApproved
NM RPD-41374Annual Report of NR to Pay Tax on Oil and GasApprovedApproved
NM RPD-41375Net Operating Loss Carryforward ScheduleNot Available2/26/2018
NM RPD-41379Net Operating Loss Carryforward ScheduleNot Available2/20/2018
NM S-Corp-EXTIncome and Franchise Tax Extension Payment VoucherApprovedApproved
NV APP-01.00Business RegistrationApprovedApproved
NV APP-01.01Supplemental RegistrationApprovedApproved
NV NAC-372-730Resale CertificateApprovedApproved
NV VOL DIS-01.01Voluntary Disclosure of Failure to File ReturnApprovedApproved
NY CHAR500Annual Filing Charitable Organizations, Sch 4a, 4bApprovedApproved
NY CT-183-MTransportation and Transmission Corporation MTAApprovedApproved
NY CT-186-ETelecommunications and Utility Services Tax ReturnApprovedApproved
NY CT-186-MUtility Corporation MTA Surcharge ReturnNot Available3/12/2018
NY CT-186-PUtility Services Tax Return - Gross IncomeApprovedApproved
NY CT-186-P/MUtility Services MTA Surcharge ReturnApprovedApproved
NY CT-222Underpayment of Estimated Tax by a CorporationPending Approval2/28/2018
NY CT-222.1Election to Use Different Annualization PeriodsApprovedApproved
NY CT-239Credit for Taxicabs to Persons with DisabilitiesApprovedApproved
NY CT-250Credit for Purchase of an Automated DefibrillatorApprovedApproved
NY CT-41Credit for Employment of Persons with DisabilitiesNot Available3/12/2018
NY CT-5.1Additional Extension of Time to FilePending Approval3/12/2018
NY CT-5.6Request for 3-Month Extension to File Form CT-186Not Available3/12/2018
NY DTF-625-ATTLow-Income Housing Credit Annual StatementApprovedApproved
NY DTF-664Tax Shelter Disclosure for Material AdvisorsApprovedApproved
NY DTF-686-ATTReportable Transaction Disclosure StatementApprovedApproved
NY IT-203-GRGroup Return for Nonresident Partners, SchedulesApprovedApproved
NY IT-203-S/ATTGroup Return for Nonresident ShareholdersApprovedApproved
NY IT-203-TMGroup Return for NR Athletic Team MembersNot Available3/12/2018
NY IT-2659Estimated Tax Penalty for Partnerships and S CorpsApprovedApproved
NY NYC CR-ACommercial Rent Tax Return (June to May ONLY)Not AvailableNot Released from Tax Agency
NY NYC CR-Q1Commercial Rent Tax Return (June to August ONLY)Not AvailableNot Released from Tax Agency
NY NYC-2.5A/BCComputation of Receipts Factor - Member's DetailNot Available3/12/2018
NY NYC-222BUnderpayment of Est Tax by Subchapter S BankingNot Available3/12/2018
NY NYC-2A/BCMember's Detail Report (Attach to NYC-2A)Not Available3/12/2018
NY NYC-400BEstimated Tax by Banking CorporationsNot Available3/12/2018
NY RP-425-RnwRenewal Application for Enhanced STAR ExemptionNot AvailableNot Released from Tax Agency
NY ST-100.7 (12/17)Quarterly Sch H Clothing/Footwear Sales ExemptionApprovedApproved
NY ST-101State and Local Annual Sales and Use Tax ReturnApprovedApproved
NY ST-810.7 (02/18)Quarterly Sch H for Part-Quarterly Monthly FilersApprovedApproved
NY Y-206Yonkers Nonresident Fiduciary Earnings Tax ReturnNot Available3/12/2018
OH CCA 120-16-ECCCA Exemption CertificateNot Available3/6/2018
OH CCA 201 ESCCA Net Profit EstimateNot Available3/6/2018
OH CCA W3W-3 CCA Reconciliation of Income Tax WithheldApprovedApproved
OH CCA-102 (01/18)CCA Employer's Return of Income Tax WithheldApprovedApproved
OH Cincinnati BTRBusiness Tax ReturnNot Available3/6/2018
OH Cincinnati D-1Individual Declaration of Estimated Income TaxNot Available3/6/2018
OH Cincinnati D-1 BBusiness Declaration of Estimated Income TaxApprovedApproved
OH Columbus BR-18City of Columbus - Quarterly Statement of EIT DueNot Available3/6/2018
OH Columbus BR-21Declaration of Estimated City Income TaxNot Available3/6/2018
OH Columbus BR-25City Income Tax Return for Businesses, SchedulesNot Available2/23/2018
OH Columbus EX-1Declaration of Exemption Harrisburg / Marble CliffPending Approval3/3/2018
OH Columbus IR-18City of Columbus - Quarterly Statement of EITNot Available3/6/2018
OH Columbus IR-21Declaration of Estimated City Income TaxNot Available3/6/2018
OH Columbus IT-6W 18Employer's Claim for Refund of Withholding TaxNot Available3/4/2018
OH Columbus POACity Income Tax Division Power of AttorneyPending Approval3/3/2018
OH Evendale BRVillage of Evendale Business Income Tax ReturnApprovedApproved
OH Hamilton BRUse Form OH CCA 120-17-BRNot AvailableNot Released from Tax Agency
OH Hamilton D-1City of Hamilton Declaration of EITNot AvailableNot Released from Tax Agency
OH Hamilton IRUse Form OH CCA 120-16-IRNot AvailableNot Released from Tax Agency
OH Hamilton NIFCity of Hamilton Individual No Income ReturnNot AvailableNot Released from Tax Agency
OH IT/SD-2210Underpayment of Ohio or School District Income TaxNot Available3/6/2018
OH IT-1041ESUse Form OH UPCNot AvailableNot Released from Tax Agency
OH IT-1041PUse Form OH UPCNot AvailableNot Released from Tax Agency
OH IT-3 (2017)Transmittal of Wage and Tax StatementsNot AvailableNot Released from Tax Agency
OH IT-4708Composite Income Tax ReturnApprovedApproved
OH RITA 27RITA Net Profits Tax ReturnPending Approval2/23/2018
OH RITA 32-EXTRITA Est IT and/or Ext of Time to FileNot Available3/12/2018
OH RITA 75RITA Individual Registration FormPending Approval3/4/2018
OH SD-141 Long 2016School District Employer's Annual ReconciliationNot AvailableNot Released from Tax Agency
OH Toledo IDI-18City Estimated Tax (Individual)Not Available2/26/2018
OK 504-CApplication for Extension of Time to FileNot Available3/9/2018
OK 504-IApplication for Extension of Time to FilePending Approval3/9/2018
OK 561-FCapital Gain DeductionPending Approval3/9/2018
OK 904-3-P (Gen)Petroleum Related Asset Listing (Generic)Not Available3/12/2018
OK OW-8-ESIndividual Estimated TaxApprovedApproved
OK OW-8-P-SUP-IAnnualized Income Installment for IndividualsApprovedApproved
OK Sch 3 (904) GenAsset Listing (General)ApprovedApproved
OK Sch 3-A (904) GenAsset Listing (Grouped)ApprovedApproved
OR CT-12FCharitable Activities Section Foreign CharitiesApprovedApproved
OR CT-12SCharitable Activities Section Split-Interest TrustNot Available3/5/2018
OR OQ and 132 (2018)Quarterly Tax Report and Unemployment InsuranceNot AvailableNot Released from Tax Agency
OR PAProfessional Athletic Team Tax Report 150-206-015Not AvailableNot Released from Tax Agency
OR Portland PRSCity of Portland Pay Ratio Surtax (PRS) ScheduleNot Available3/6/2018
OR Sch B (2018)State Withholding TaxNot AvailableNot Released from Tax Agency
OR WR (2018)Annual Withholding Tax Reconciliation ReportNot AvailableNot Released from Tax Agency
Organizer1040 OrganizerNot AvailableNot Released from Tax Agency
Organizer (Comp)1040 Comprehensive OrganizerNot AvailableNot Released from Tax Agency
PA PGH ET-1City of Pittsburgh Payroll Expense TaxNot Available3/1/2018
PA Phi 83-A272Philadelphia Wage Tax Refund Petition CommissionApprovedApproved
PA Phi ARETPhiladelphia Reconciliation of Employee EarningsPending Approval3/3/2018
PA Phi ARWPhiladelphia Annual Reconciliation Employer WageApprovedApproved
PA Phi BIRT Sch SCPhiladelphia Special Credit SchedulePending Approval3/4/2018
PA Phi NPT EXPhiladelphia Net Profits Tax ExtensionNot Available3/6/2018
PA Phi NREEAPhiladelphia NR Employee Earnings AllocationNot Available3/6/2018
PA REV-1096AMotor Fuels Tax ReportPending Approval3/11/2018
PA REV-854EIN/Tax Year/Address ChangeNot Available3/6/2018
RI 100 BCArticles of Incorporation - Domestic BusinessPending Approval3/11/2018
RI 1041VFiduciary Income Tax Return Payment VoucherApprovedApproved
RI 1065Partnership Income ReturnApprovedApproved
RI 1120CBusiness Corporation Tax ReturnPending Approval2/21/2018
RI 1120SSubchapter S Business Corporation Tax ReturnApprovedApproved
SC 2210Underpayment of Estimated Tax by Individuals 3098Pending Approval2/26/2018
SC 2220Underpayment of Estimated Tax by Corporations 3099Pending Approval2/26/2018
SC 4868Extension - Individual Income Tax Return 3506Pending Approval3/10/2018
SC FS-102Payment Plan Request 2094Pending Approval3/5/2018
SC I-309Nonresident Shareholder or Partner Affidavit 3313ApprovedApproved
SC I-361Parental Refundable Credit 3692Not Available3/6/2018
SC PT-441Motor Carriers Property Tax Return 7068Not AvailableNot Released from Tax Agency
SC WH-1601Withholding Tax Payment Coupon 3127Not AvailableNot Released from Tax Agency
Sch M-3 (1120-PC)Net Income (Loss) Recon - Property/Casualty InsNot AvailableFinal Pending from Tax Agency
SD PT-38CAppl for Property Tax Homestead Exemption 1294Pending Approval3/13/2018
SD RV-071Power of Attorney (Business) 1285Not Available3/12/2018
SSA-632-BKRequest for Waiver of Overpayment RecoveryPending Approval2/24/2018
TN FAE-174Franchise and Excise Financial Institutional TaxNot Available3/12/2018
TN OIC-1Offer in Compromise Application, CS-14B, CS-14CNot Available3/12/2018
TX 01-117Sales and Use Tax Return - Short FormPending Approval3/2/2018
TX 01-137Limited Power of AttorneyNot Available3/13/2018
TX 50-144Business Personal Property Rendition and SchedulesNot Available3/6/2018
VA 500CP/CGCorporate Income Tax Automatic Extension VoucherPending Approval3/4/2018
VA 500ESEstimated Tax Declaration for CorporationsNot Available2/23/2018
VA Alexandria BPPCity Business Personal Property ReturnNot AvailableNot Released from Tax Agency
VA Richmond ALMCity of Richmond Admissions, Lodging, Meals TaxNot AvailableNot Released from Tax Agency
VA Sch 306BCredit Application for Coal Related Tax CreditsApprovedApproved
VT C-1Status ReportApprovedApproved
VT EST-195Extension of Time to File Estate Tax ReturnNot Available3/12/2018
VT IN-114Individual Income Estimated Tax Payment VoucherApprovedApproved
VT IN-152, 152AUnderpayment of Estimated Individual Income TaxNot Available3/6/2018
VT LIFELINEApplication for the Lifeline ProgramNot AvailableNot Released from Tax Agency
VT Sch BA-410Corporate Income Tax Affiliation ScheduleNot Available3/12/2018
W4W-4 Employee's Withholding Allowance CertificateDraftFinal Pending from Tax Agency
W4PW-4P Withholding Certificate for Pension / AnnuityNot AvailableFinal Pending from Tax Agency
W4SW-4S Request for Federal Income Tax from Sick PayNot AvailableFinal Pending from Tax Agency
W-4VW-4V Voluntary Withholding RequestPending Approval3/11/2018
WA REV-27 0032Buyer's Retail Sales Tax Exemption CertificateApprovedApproved
WI 4HCorporation Declaration of Inactivity IC-046Not Available3/12/2018
WI PW-2Nonresident Withholding Exemption AffidavitApprovedApproved
WI UCT-1Employer ReportApprovedApproved
WI UCT-43Preliminary ReportApprovedApproved
WI UCT-5334Agricultural Employer's ReportApprovedApproved
WI UCT-673Nonprofit Organization Employer's ReportApprovedApproved
WV CNF-120EXTExtension Corporation Net Income Tax ReturnNot Available3/6/2018
WV CNF-120WWithholding - Credit Sch. Corporation Net ITApprovedApproved
WV IT-140NRCNonresident Composite Income Tax ReturnApprovedApproved
WV IT-141EXTExtension of Time to File Fiduciary ReturnsApprovedApproved
WV IT-141WWithholding Tax ScheduleApprovedApproved
WV Ravenswd BOT 7/17Ravenswood - Business and Occupation Tax ReturnNot Available3/6/2018
WV Sch UB-4APTAllocation and Apportionment Multistate BusinessApprovedApproved
WV SPF-100EXTExtension of Time to File Information ReturnsNot Available3/6/2018