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  Forms Release Schedule
This table lists dates on which ATX expects to post forms approved for paper filing. A similar table exists for e-file approval on the E-File Center.

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Estimated Release Date for All Forms Learn About the Definitions of Status Messages
Form NameDescriptionCurrent Status *Estimated Approval *
1040-CDeparting Alien Income Tax ReturnNot Available3/7/2017
1040-PRPlanilla para Declaracion ContribucionNot Available3/7/2017
1040-SSSelf-Employment Tax (Samoa, etc.)Not Available3/7/2017
1042-S (2017)U.S. Source Income Subject to WithholdingNot Available4/1/2017
1065-BReturn of Income for Electing Large PartnershipNot Available3/7/2017
1066REMIC Income Tax ReturnNot Available3/7/2017
1120-CIncome Tax Return for Cooperative AssociationsApprovedApproved
1120-LLife Insurance Company Income Tax ReturnNot Available3/7/2017
1120-REITIncome Return for Real Estate Investment TrustsNot Available3/7/2017
1120-RICIncome Tax Return Regulated Investment CompaniesNot Available2/24/2017
2290, 2290-V (07/17)Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax ReturnDraftFinal Pending from Tax Agency
3520-AAnnual Return of Foreign Trust With a U.S. OwnerNot Available3/7/2017
3520-A Page 3Foreign Grantor Trust Owner StatementNot Available3/7/2017
3520-A Page 4Foreign Grantor Trust Beneficiary StatementNot Available3/7/2017
5300Determination for Employee Benefit PlanPending Approval2/25/2017
5305-SASIMPLE Individual Retirement Custodial AccountPending Approval3/7/2017
720, 720-V (01/17)Quarterly Federal Excise Tax ReturnDraftFinal Pending from Tax Agency
8752Required Payment or Refund Under Section 7519Not Available3/7/2017
941 (2017)Employer's Quarterly Federal Tax ReturnDraftFinal Pending from Tax Agency
941PR, 941V(PR) 17Planilla Para La Decl Fed Trimestral Del PatronoDraftFinal Pending from Tax Agency
941-SS,941-V(SS) 17Employer's Quarterly Federal Return (Samoa, Guam)DraftFinal Pending from Tax Agency
941-V (2017)Employer's Quarterly Federal Payment VoucherDraftFinal Pending from Tax Agency
990-WEstimated Tax on Unrelated Business Taxable IncomeApprovedApproved
AK 0405-574Fisheries Business Tax Annual Return and SchedulesNot Available3/7/2017
AK 0405-773Electronic Filing Waiver ApplicationNot Available3/7/2017
AK 08-4181, 4438Business License Application, Credit Card PaymentPending Approval3/4/2017
AK 08-502Certificate of Cancellation Foreign LLCPending Approval3/7/2017
AL 1041 E-File InfoFiduciary Electronic Filing InformationNot Available3/2/2017
AL 2210AL (40/40NR)Underpayment of Estimated Tax PenaltyNot Available3/7/2017
AL 2220ALUnderpayment of Estimated Tax for CorporationsNot Available3/7/2017
AR 1000ESEstimated Tax for IndividualsApprovedApproved
AR 1000MSWaived for 2016Not AvailableNot Released from Tax Agency
AR 1055, 1000ES 5Individual Request for Extension/VoucherNot Available3/7/2017
AR 1100ESCTEstimated Corporation Income Tax PaymentApprovedApproved
AR 1155, 1100 ESCTCorporation Extension Request and Payment VoucherNot Available3/7/2017
AR 3MAREmployer's Annual Reconciliation of Income Tax W/HApprovedApproved
AR 4ECSPEmployee's Special Withholding ExemptionPending Approval3/5/2017
AR CFTRAnnual Corporation Franchise Tax ReportNot Available3/7/2017
AZ 120ES, 120WCorporation Estimated Tax Payment and WorksheetApprovedApproved
AZ 120EXTApplication for Extension of Time to File 10340Not Available3/7/2017
AZ 140XIndividual Amended Income Tax Return 10573Not Available3/7/2017
AZ 141AZ ESEstate or Trust Estimated Income Tax Payment 11135Not Available2/24/2017
AZ 141AZ EXTExtension for Fiduciary Returns Only 11136Not Available3/7/2017
AZ 204Extension for Individual Returns Only 10576Not Available3/7/2017
AZ 308Credit for Increased Research Activities 10135Not Available3/7/2017
AZ 352Contributions to Qualifying Foster Care 11294Not Available3/7/2017
AZ 99Exempt Organization Annual Return 10418Not Available2/24/2017
CA 540XAmended Individual Income Tax ReturnNot Available3/7/2017
CA 592Resident and Nonresident Withholding StatementNot Available3/7/2017
CA 593Real Estate Withholding Tax StatementNot Available3/7/2017
CA 593-EReal Estate Withholding - Estimated Gain or LossNot Available3/7/2017
CA Cover Sheet SIMail Submission Cover Sheet - SINot Available3/7/2017
CA DE-1245WE-File and E-Pay Mandate Waiver RequestNot Available3/7/2017
CA FTB-3533Change of Address for IndividualsNot Available3/7/2017
CA FTB-3533-BChange of Address for BusinessesNot Available3/7/2017
CA Sac BOE-571-LSacramento Business Property Statement, BOE-571-DApprovedApproved
CA SI-550Statement of Information (Stock, Coop, Foreign)Not Available3/7/2017
CO DurangoCity of Durango - Sales / Use Tax ReturnApprovedApproved
CT 1040XAmended Income Tax Return for IndividualsNot Available3/7/2017
CT 1065/1120SI, K1Composite Income Tax ReturnPending Approval2/24/2017
CT 1120 HCICHuman Capital Investment CreditPending Approval2/28/2017
CT 1120 NJCNew Jobs Creation Tax CreditNot AvailableFinal Pending from Tax Agency
CT 1120 RDCResearch and Development Expenditures Tax CreditNot Available3/7/2017
CT 1120ABSummary of Add Back and ExceptionsPending Approval2/27/2017
CT 1120A-BMCApportionment Computation Motor Bus and CarrierPending Approval2/28/2017
CT 1120A-BPEApportionment Computation Broadcasters/ProductionPending Approval2/28/2017
CT 1120A-FSApportionment Computation Income Financial ServicePending Approval2/28/2017
CT 1120A-IRICApportionment Computation Services to Regulated ICPending Approval2/28/2017
CT 1120A-SBCApportionment Computation Securities BrokeragePending Approval2/28/2017
CT 1120XAmended Corporation Business Tax ReturnPending Approval3/5/2017
CT 19ITTitle 19 Status ReleasePending Approval2/28/2017
CT 706/709 (2016)Estate and Gift Tax ReturnNot Available2/24/2017
CT 8508Request for Waiver from Filing ElectronicallyNot Available2/28/2017
CT 8822CCorporation Business Tax Change of AddressPending Approval3/5/2017
CT OP-424 (DRS/N)Business Entity Tax ReturnNot Available3/7/2017
CT Sch I (1041)Alt Minimum Tax Computation of Trusts or EstatesNot Available2/24/2017
CT UC-61Unemployment NoticePending Approval3/14/2017
CT UC-62TPreparing to File Your Tele-Benefits ClaimPending Approval3/3/2017
CT-2 (2017)Employee Representative's Quarterly Railroad TaxNot AvailableFinal Pending from Tax Agency
DC D-40BNonresident Request for RefundNot Available3/7/2017
DC FP-129AExtension of Time to File Personal Property TaxNot AvailableNot Released from Tax Agency
DC FP-31Personal Property Tax Return, Schs A - C, D-1, D-2Not AvailableNot Released from Tax Agency
DC FP-31PPersonal Property Tax Return Payment VoucherNot AvailableNot Released from Tax Agency
DC FR-900NPAnnual Return for W/H Reported on 1099 and/or W-2GNot Available3/1/2017
DE 1027Extension of Time to File Individual Tax ReturnNot Available3/7/2017
DE 1100-P-EXTS Corporation Request for ExtensionNot Available3/7/2017
DE 1100-TCorporate Tentative Tax ReturnApprovedApproved
DE 1100-T-EXTCorporate Income Tax Request for ExtensionNot Available3/7/2017
DE 200-ESDeclaration of Estimated Income TaxApprovedApproved
DE 400-ESDeclaration of Estimated Fiduciary Income TaxNot Available2/24/2017
DE 400-EXDeclaration of Fiduciary Income Tax - ExtensionNot Available3/7/2017
DE CISCCertificate of Incorporation - Stock CorporationPending Approval2/27/2017
DE CREQRequest for Change (Corporate / Sub S Corporate)Pending Approval3/24/2017
DE W1 (2017)Withholding Tax Return (Monthly)ApprovedApproved
DE W1A (2017)W8 8th-Monthly Tax ReturnApprovedApproved
DE W1Q (2017)Withholding Tax Return (Quarterly)ApprovedApproved
DE W3 (2017)Annual Reconciliation of Income Tax WithheldNot Available3/1/2017
DE W3A (2017)8th-Monthly Annual Reconciliation of Tax WithheldNot Available3/1/2017
DE WREQWithholding Request for ChangeApprovedApproved
FL DR-1CONApplication for Consolidated SUT Filing NumberPending Approval3/7/2017
FL F-2220Underpayment of Estimated Tax on Corporate TaxNot Available3/7/2017
GA 500XAmended Individual Income Tax ReturnNot Available3/7/2017
GA 602-ESCorporate Estimated TaxApprovedApproved
GA IT-303Extension of Time for Filing Income Tax ReturnsNot Available3/7/2017
GA IT-560Individual/Fiduciary Payment VoucherNot Available3/7/2017
HI 314Annual Premium Tax Statement, Supplemental Sch ANot AvailableNot Released from Tax Agency
HI 323Monthly Premium Tax StatementNot AvailableNot Released from Tax Agency
HI HW-6Employee's Statement to Employer NonresidenceApprovedApproved
HI N-101AExtension of Time to File Individual Tax ReturnNot Available3/7/2017
HI N-301Automatic Extension of Time to File ReturnNot Available3/7/2017
HI N-346AStatement of Research Development Costs by QHTBApprovedApproved
HI Sch J (N-40)Trust Allocation of an Accumulation DistributionApprovedApproved
HI VP-1WWithholding Tax Payment VoucherApprovedApproved
ID 41EXTExtension of Time Payment Business Income TaxNot Available3/7/2017
ID 51 (Ext.)Extension Payment of Individual Income TaxNot Available3/7/2017
ID POAPower of Attorney EFO00104ApprovedApproved
IL 1040-XAmended Individual Income Tax ReturnNot Available3/7/2017
IL 505-I (1040)Automatic Extension Payment for IndividualsNot Available3/7/2017
IL 990-TExempt Organization Income/Replacement Tax ReturnApprovedApproved
IL PTAX-340Senior Citizens Freeze Homestead ExemptionNot Available3/7/2017
IL UI-1Report to Determine Liability Under the UI ActNot Available3/7/2017
IN E-File Info BusElectronic Filing Information for Business ReturnsApprovedApproved
IN IT-40XAmended Individual Income Tax Return 44405Not Available3/7/2017
IN SC-40Unified Tax Credit for the Elderly 44404Not Available3/7/2017
IN Sch IT-20NOLCorporate Income Net Operating Loss Deduction 439Not Available3/7/2017
IN Sch IT-40NOLIndividual Tax Net Operating Loss ComputationNot Available3/7/2017
KS K-210 (K-40)Underpayment of Estimated Tax (Individual)Not Available3/7/2017
KY 740-NP-RReturn Nonresident - Reciprocal State 42A740-NP-RNot Available3/7/2017
KY 740-XAmended Individual Income Tax Return 42A740-XNot Available3/7/2017
KY Fay 220-221-S(17)Employer's Return of License Tax W/H for SchoolsNot AvailableNot Released from Tax Agency
KY Georgetown NP100Net Profit License Tax ReturnNot Available3/7/2017
KY K-4ESpecial Withholding Exemption CertificateNot AvailableNot Released from Tax Agency
KY Owensboro NP-1Net Profit License Fee ReturnNot Available3/7/2017
LA CIFT-620ESEstimated Tax Declaration Voucher for CorporationsPending Approval2/28/2017
LA E-File Info BusElectronic Filing Information for Business ReturnsNot Available3/2/2017
LA IT-540BNonresident and Part-Year Resident Income TaxPending Approval2/23/2017
LA IT-540ESEstimated Tax Declaration Voucher for IndividualsPending Approval2/28/2017
LA R-6922VComposite Electronic Filing Payment VoucherNot Available3/24/2017
LA St. Helena 10/16Sales and Use ReturnApprovedApproved
MA 2-ESEstimated Tax Payment VouchersApprovedApproved
MA 2-PVFiduciary Income Tax Payment VoucherApprovedApproved
MA 355-7004Application for Corporate ExtensionApprovedApproved
MA 355-ESCorporate Estimated Tax Payment VouchersApprovedApproved
MA 355-PVCorporate Tax Payment VoucherApprovedApproved
MA 355QApplication for Manufacturing ClassificationPending Approval2/26/2017
MA 355RDStatement Relating to Research and DevelopmentNot AvailableNot Released from Tax Agency
MA 3MReturn for Clubs and Other NonProfit OrganizationsApprovedApproved
MA 63 FIFinancial Institution Excise Return and SchedulesPending Approval2/26/2017
MA 63-23PPremium Excise Return for Insurance CompaniesPending Approval2/28/2017
MA 84Appl for Relief from Joint Income Tax LiabilityPending Approval2/26/2017
MA ABTApplication for AbatementPending Approval2/26/2017
MA AI-1Change of Address/InformationApprovedApproved
MA M-2210Underpayment of Estimated Income TaxPending Approval2/24/2017
MA M-4768 (12/16)Estate Tax Extension Application (12/5/16 After)Not Available2/27/2017
MA M-4868Extension of Time to File Income Tax ReturnPending Approval3/3/2017
MA M-8379Nondebtor Spouse Claim and AllocationPending Approval2/24/2017
MA M-8736Extension of Time to File Fiduciary or PartnershipApprovedApproved
MA M-990T-7004Unrelated Business Income Tax ExtensionApprovedApproved
MA PCNon-Profit Organizations/Public Charities DivisionNot Available3/7/2017
MA PV (1)Income Tax Payment VoucherApprovedApproved
MA Sch EOACEconomic Opportunity Area CreditPending Approval2/24/2017
MA Sch LPCredit for Removing or Covering Lead PaintPending Approval2/24/2017
MA Sch RFCRefundable Film Credit Motion Picture ProductionPending Approval2/24/2017
MA UBIT-ESNonprofit Corporation Estimated Tax PaymentNot AvailableNot Released from Tax Agency
MD 202 (07/16)Sales and Use Tax Return COM RAD 098Not AvailableNot Released from Tax Agency
MD 502D, 502 DEPDeclaration of Estimated Income Tax COM/RAD-013ApprovedApproved
MD 502XAmended Tax Return COM/RAD 019Not Available3/7/2017
MD 504DFiduciary Declaration of Estimated Tax COM/RAD-068ApprovedApproved
MD 504EExtension to File Fiduciary Income Tax COM/RAD-056Not Available3/7/2017
MD 548Power of Attorney, COM RAD 16-49Not Available3/7/2017
MD AT3-51Personal Property of Proprietorships/PartnershipsNot Available3/7/2017
MD AT3-75Personal Property Return for Banks and Trust CoPending Approval2/27/2017
MD HTC-60Homeowners' Property Tax Credit App AT8-60HNot Available3/7/2017
MD MW506Employer's Quarterly and Monthly ReportPending Approval2/24/2017
MD MW506MEmployer Return of Tax W/H Accelerated WithholdingPending Approval3/7/2017
MD MW508 (2017)Annual Employer Withholding Reconciliation ReturnNot Available3/1/2017
ME 1041ES-MEEstimated Tax Payment Voucher for Estates/TrustsApprovedApproved
ME 1120ES-MEEstimated Tax Payment Voucher for CorporationsNot Available2/24/2017
ME 1120X-MECombined with Form ME 1120MENot AvailableNot Released from Tax Agency
ME 706ME (2016)Estate Tax Return for Decedents (DOD in CY 2016)Not Available2/24/2017
ME 801AProperty Claimed for 12 or Fewer YearsNot AvailableNot Released from Tax Agency
ME 801BProperty Claimed for More Than 12 YearsNot AvailableNot Released from Tax Agency
ME CICWCapital Investment Credit Worksheet for Tax YearNot Available3/7/2017
ME Sch 2A (941A)Combined with Form ME 941-ME (2017)Not AvailableNot Released from Tax Agency
ME UC-1A (CSSF)Authorization to Correct WagesPending Approval3/24/2017
ME W3 (2017)Reconciliation of Maine Income Tax WithheldNot Available3/1/2017
MI 1040X-12Amended Income Tax ReturnNot Available3/7/2017
MI 1041ESFiduciary Voucher for Estimated Income TaxApprovedApproved
MI 1045Application for Net Operating Loss RefundNot Available3/7/2017
MI 4Extension of Time to File Tax ReturnsNot Available3/7/2017
MI 5081 (2017)Sales, Use and Withholding Taxes Annual ReturnNot Available3/1/2017
MI 5298Detroit Corporate Renaissance Zone ScheduleNot Available3/7/2017
MI 5300Detroit Corporate Income Tax Quarterly VoucherApprovedApproved
MI 5301Application for Ext of Time to File City Corp ITRNot Available3/7/2017
MI 5324Detroit CIT Penalty/Interest Computation Est TaxNot Available3/7/2017
MI 5458City of Detroit Partnership ReturnApprovedApproved
MI 5459City of Detroit Partnership Renaissance Zone SchNot Available3/7/2017
MI 5460App Extension to File City Partnership ReturnNot Available3/7/2017
MI 5461City of Detroit Partnership Quarterly Est VoucherApprovedApproved
MI 5463App Extension of Time to File City Estates/TrustsNot Available3/7/2017
MI 5464City of Detroit Estates/Trusts Quarterly VoucherNot Available2/24/2017
MI CF-1040XCommon City Amended Income Tax ReturnNot Available3/7/2017
MI CF-1040XPVCommon City Amended Income Tax VoucherNot Available3/7/2017
MI CF-1041PVCommon City Fiduciary Tax Return Payment VoucherNot Available3/7/2017
MI CFW-3 (2017)Common City Employer's Annual Recon of IT WithheldNot Available3/1/2017
MI HU-1040-ESDeclaration of Estimated City Income TaxApprovedApproved
MI Walker WW3Use Form MI CFW-3Not AvailableNot Released from Tax Agency
MN M13Income Tax Extension PaymentNot Available3/7/2017
MN M1PRXAmended Homestead Credit and Property Tax RefundNot Available3/7/2017
MN M1XAmended Income TaxNot Available3/7/2017
MN M4NPUnrelated Business Income Tax (UBIT) ReturnNot Available2/24/2017
MN M706 (2016)Estate Tax ReturnNot Available2/24/2017
MO 1120ESDeclaration of Estimated Tax for Corporation TaxApprovedApproved
MO 2210Underpayment of Estimated TaxNot Available3/7/2017
MO DES-4Quarterly Contribution and Wage Report and DES-10BPending Approval2/24/2017
MO DES-4AContribution and Wage Adjustment ReportPending Approval2/27/2017
MS 72-010 (07/16)Sales and Special Tax ReturnNot Available8/1/2017
MS 72-110 (07/16)Use Tax ReturnNot Available8/1/2017
MT CLT-4S, K1S Corporation Information and Composite Tax ReturnNot Available2/24/2017
MT NOL Sch A,B,C,DNet Operating LossNot Available3/24/2017
MT PR-ESTPartnership Tax Voucher - EstimatedNot Available2/24/2017
NC D-422Underpayment of Estimated Tax by IndividualsNot Available3/7/2017
NC E-536 (4/17)Schedule of County Sales and Use TaxesNot Available4/21/2017
NC E-536R (4/17)Schedule of County Sales and Use Taxes for RefundNot Available4/21/2017
NC UI-101, UI-101-BEmployer's Quarterly Tax and Wage ReportPending Approval2/24/2017
ND 1EXTIndividual Extension Payment VoucherNot Available3/7/2017
ND 40-ESEstimated Tax Payment Voucher - CorporationNot Available2/24/2017
ND 60-ESEstimated Tax Payment Voucher - S CorporationNot Available2/24/2017
ND SFN-41263 (2017)Employer's Contribution and Wage ReportNot AvailableNot Released from Tax Agency
NE 1040XNAmended Individual Income Tax ReturnNot Available3/7/2017
NE 12NNonresident Income Tax Agreement 8-065-2015Not Available3/7/2017
NE 7004NAutomatic Extension of Time to FileNot Available3/14/2017
NE 872NExtension of Statute of Limitations AgreementApprovedApproved
NE Sch I (458)Income Statement 96-296-2009Not Available3/7/2017
NH 1120-WECombined Business Profits Tax Return, Sch I-ANot Available3/7/2017
NH BT-EXTExtension of Time to File Business Tax ReturnNot Available3/7/2017
NH DP-59-AExtension to File Interest and Dividends ReturnNot Available3/7/2017
NH DP-8Low/Moderate Income Homeowners Property Tax ReliefNot Available3/24/2017
NJ 1040XAmended Income Tax Resident ReturnNot Available3/7/2017
NJ EZ TF-100WSales and Use Tax EZ TeleFile System WorksheetPending Approval3/24/2017
NJ IT-EstateResident Decedent Estate Tax Before 1/1/17Pending Approval2/23/2017
NJ L-8Self-Executing Waiver AffidavitApprovedApproved
NJ L-9Resident Decedent Only (Requesting Waiver)Pending Approval3/10/2017
NJ Newark PR Tax 17Quarterly Payroll Tax StatementNot AvailableNot Released from Tax Agency
NJ PTR-1AHomeowners Verification of Property TaxesNot Available3/7/2017
NJ PTR-2AHomeowners Verification of Property TaxesNot AvailableNot Released from Tax Agency
NJ PTR-2BMobile Home Owners Verification of Park Site FeesNot AvailableNot Released from Tax Agency
NJ ST-18BAnnual Business Use Tax ReturnNot AvailableNot Released from Tax Agency
NM ACD-31102Tax Information AuthorizationApprovedApproved
NM FID-DAnnual Withholding from a Fiduciary, RPD-41359Not Available3/7/2017
NM FID-ESFiduciary Income Tax Estimated Payment VoucherNot Available2/24/2017
NM PIT-EXTPersonal Income Tax Extension Payment VoucherNot Available3/7/2017
NM PIT-XPersonal Income Tax Amended ReturnNot Available3/7/2017
NM RPD-41096Application for Extension of Time to FileNot Available3/7/2017
NM RPD-41290High-Wage Jobs Tax Credit Claim FormPending Approval3/4/2017
NM RPD-41375Net Operating Loss Carryforward ScheduleApprovedApproved
NM RPD-41379Net Operating Loss Carryforward ScheduleNot Available3/7/2017
NY CT-184Transportation/Transmission Corporation FranchiseNot Available3/7/2017
NY CT-186Utility Corporation Franchise Tax ReturnNot Available3/7/2017
NY CT-186-ETelecommunications and Utility Services Tax ReturnNot Available3/7/2017
NY CT-186-MUtility Corporation MTA Surcharge ReturnNot Available3/7/2017
NY CT-186-PUtility Services Tax Return - Gross IncomeNot Available3/7/2017
NY CT-186-P/MUtility Services MTA Surcharge ReturnApprovedApproved
NY CT-225-AModifications (Combined Franchise Tax Returns)ApprovedApproved
NY CT-225-A/BGroup Member's Detail Spreadsheet - ModificationsApprovedApproved
NY CT-33Life Insurance Corporation Franchise Tax ReturnNot Available3/7/2017
NY CT-33-NLNon-Life Insurance Corporation Franchise TaxNot Available3/7/2017
NY CT-3-AGeneral Business Corp Combined Tax ReturnNot Available3/7/2017
NY CT-3-A/BCMember's Detail Report Filed by a CorporationNot Available3/7/2017
NY CT-5.1Additional Extension of Time to FileNot Available3/7/2017
NY CT-5.6Request for 3-Month Extension to File Form CT-186Not Available3/7/2017
NY CT-644Workers with Disabilities Tax Credit and SchedulesApprovedApproved
NY ET-706 (04/16)Estate Tax Return for DOD (4/1/16 thru 3/31/17)ApprovedApproved
NY IT-204, IT-204.1Partnership Return, Corporate Partners Schedule KApprovedApproved
NY IT-204-CP, IP K1Corporate Partner's Sch K-1 and Partner's Sch K-1ApprovedApproved
NY NYC CR-ACommercial Rent Tax Return (June to May ONLY)Not AvailableNot Released from Tax Agency
NY NYC CR-Q1Commercial Rent Tax Return (June to August ONLY)Not AvailableNot Released from Tax Agency
NY NYC-2.5AComputation of Receipts Factor (File with NYC-2A)Not Available3/7/2017
NY NYC-2.5A/BCComputation of Receipts Factor - Member's DetailNot Available3/7/2017
NY NYC-202EINUnincorporated Business Tax Return Estates/TrustsApprovedApproved
NY NYC-222City Underpayment of Estimated Tax by CorporationsNot Available3/7/2017
NY NYC-2ACombined Business Corporation Tax Return - C CorpsNot Available3/7/2017
NY NYC-2A/BCMember's Detail Report (Attach to Form NYC-2A)Not Available3/7/2017
NY RP-425-RnwRenewal Application for Enhanced STAR ExemptionNot AvailableNot Released from Tax Agency
NY ST-120.2Room Remarketer's Exempt Purchase CertificateNot Available3/7/2017
NY TR-573-CTE-File Notice Corp. TaxpayerNot Available3/7/2017
OH CCA 120-16-ECCCA Exemption CertificateNot Available3/7/2017
OH CCA 201 ESCCA Net Profit EstimateNot Available3/7/2017
OH Cincinnati D-1Individual Declaration of Estimated Income TaxNot Available3/7/2017
OH Cincinnati IRTRNRNonresident Refund Tax ReturnNot Available3/7/2017
OH Columbus BR-18City of Columbus - Quarterly Statement of EIT DueNot Available3/7/2017
OH Columbus BR-21Declaration of Estimated City Income TaxNot Available3/14/2017
OH Columbus IR-18City of Columbus - Quarterly Statement of EITNot Available3/7/2017
OH Columbus IR-21Declaration of Estimated City Income TaxNot Available3/7/2017
OH Columbus IT-47City of Columbus Request for Municipal IT AccountPending Approval3/14/2017
OH Credit AuthCredit Card Authorization FormNot Available3/7/2017
OH Hamilton ACHACH Credit Authorization - EFTPending Approval2/28/2017
OH IT/SD-2210 ShortUnderpayment of Ohio or School District Income TaxNot Available3/7/2017
OH IT-1041ESEstimated IT Payment Voucher - Estates and TrustsNot Available2/24/2017
OH IT-1140ESEstimated Withholding Tax Payment VoucherNot Available2/24/2017
OH IT-3 (2017)Transmittal of Wage and Tax StatementsNot Available3/1/2017
OH IT-4708ESEstimated Income Tax Payment Voucher for InvestorsNot Available2/24/2017
OH IT-WaiverWaiver for Preparer Electronic Filing RequirementNot Available3/7/2017
OH RITA 10ARITA Application for Municipal Income Tax RefundPending Approval3/7/2017
OH SD-141 Long 2016School District Employer's Annual ReconciliationNot AvailableNot Released from Tax Agency
OH Toledo D1City Estimated TaxNot Available3/7/2017
OH Toledo ITR NRCity Non-Resident Individual Tax ReturnNot Available2/24/2017
OK 504-CApplication for Extension of Time to FileNot Available3/7/2017
OK 504-IApplication for Extension of Time to FileNot Available3/7/2017
OK 511-NOLNet Operating Loss Full Year Residents OnlyNot Available3/7/2017
OK 512EReturn of Organization Exempt From Income TaxNot Available2/24/2017
OK OW-8-ESCCorporate, Fiduciary and Partnership Estimated TaxApprovedApproved
OR 150-102-032Combined with Sch OR-WFHDC; OR-WFHDC-NPNot AvailableNot Released from Tax Agency
OR 20-V (ES)Corporation Estimated Payment Voucher 150-102-172ApprovedApproved
OR 20-V (EXT)Corporation Extension Payment Coupon 150-102-172Not Available3/7/2017
OR 40-V (EXT)Income Tax Payment Voucher 150-101-172 (Extension)Not Available3/7/2017
OR 41-ESVEstimated Fiduciary Payment Voucher 150-101-173ApprovedApproved
OR CT-12Charitable Activities Section for Oregon CharitiesPending Approval2/27/2017
OR CT-12FCharitable Activities Section Foreign CharitiesPending Approval2/27/2017
OR CT-12SCharitable Activities Section Split-Interest TrustPending Approval2/27/2017
OR OA and 132Domestic Annual Report 150-211-159Not AvailableNot Released from Tax Agency
OR OQ and 132 (2017)Quarterly Tax Report and Unemployment InsuranceNot AvailableNot Released from Tax Agency
OR PAProfessional Athletic Team Tax Report 150-206-015Not AvailableNot Released from Tax Agency
OR Portland SCCombined Tax Return for S-CorporationsNot Available2/24/2017
OR Sch B (2017)State Withholding TaxNot Available3/24/2017
Organizer1040 OrganizerNot AvailableNot Released from Tax Agency
Organizer (Comp)1040 Comprehensive OrganizerNot AvailableNot Released from Tax Agency
PA PGH ET-1Payroll Expense TaxNot Available3/1/2017
PA Phi 83-A272APhiladelphia Wage Tax Refund PetitionNot Available3/7/2017
PA Phi ARETPhiladelphia Reconciliation of Employee EarningsNot Available3/7/2017
PA Phi BIRT ESPhiladelphia BIRT Estimated Payment CouponNot Available3/7/2017
PA Phi BIRT EXPhiladelphia BIRT Extension Payment CouponNot Available3/7/2017
PA Phi ENP-1/ENP-2Net Profits Tax Payment Coupon and VouchersNot Available3/7/2017
PA Phi NPT EXPhiladelphia Net Profits Tax ExtensionNot Available3/7/2017
PA Phi NREEAPhiladelphia NR Employee Earnings AllocationNot Available3/7/2017
PA REV-802Add-Back Intangible ExpensesNot Available3/7/2017
PA REV-803Credit For Tax Paid By Affiliated EntitiesNot Available3/7/2017
RI 1040X-RAmended Resident Individual Income Tax ReturnNot Available3/7/2017
RI BUS-ESTBusiness Tax Estimated Payment FormNot AvailableFinal Pending from Tax Agency
RI BUS-EXTBusiness Tax Automatic Extension RequestPending Approval3/12/2017
RI BUS-VBusiness Tax Payment Voucher FormNot AvailableFinal Pending from Tax Agency
RI TX-17 (2017)Quarterly Tax and Wage ReportApprovedApproved
RI W3W3 Reconciliation of Personal Income Tax WithheldPending Approval2/24/2017
SC 1041ESFiduciary Declaration of Estimated Tax VoucherNot Available2/24/2017
SC 1101BBank Tax Return 3089Pending Approval2/28/2017
SC 1120-TExtension of Time to File Corporation Tax ReturnPending Approval3/7/2017
SC 8736 PMTExtension to File Return for FID/PART (Payment)Not Available3/1/2017
SC FS-102Payment Plan Request 2094Pending Approval3/3/2017
SC I-290Nonresident Real Estate Withholding 3271Pending Approval2/21/2017
SC I-290XAmended Nonresident Real Estate Withholding 3290Pending Approval2/28/2017
SC I-361Parental Refundable Credit 3692Pending Approval2/27/2017
SC PT-100Business Personal Property Return 7002Pending Approval3/4/2017
SC PT-441Motor Carriers Property Tax Return 7068Not AvailableNot Released from Tax Agency
Sch A (5500)Insurance InformationPending Approval3/13/2017
Sch K (1120-IC-DISC)Shareholder's Statement of IC-DISC DistributionsNot Available3/7/2017
Sch K1 (1065B)K-1 (1065B) Partner's Share of Income (Loss)Not Available3/7/2017
SSA-7050-F4Request For Social Security Earnings InformationPending Approval3/7/2017
TN FAE-174Franchise and Excise Financial Institutional TaxNot Available2/24/2017
TN IE-AIntangible Expense App Approval to DeductNot Available3/7/2017
TX 01-136Credit Memo AcceptancePending Approval3/13/2017
VA 500CP/CGCorporate Income Tax Automatic Extension VoucherNot Available3/7/2017
VA 760/IP/CGAutomatic Extension Payment Voucher for IndividualNot Available3/7/2017
VA 763-SSpecial Nonresident Claim for Individual IT W/HNot Available3/7/2017
VA 765, Sch LUnified Nonresident Individual Income Tax ReturnApprovedApproved
VA 770 E-File InfoFiduciary Electronic Filing InformationNot Available3/2/2017
VA 770-PMTFiduciary Income Tax Payment CouponPending Approval3/13/2017
VA Alexandria BPPCity Business Personal Property ReturnNot AvailableNot Released from Tax Agency
VT C-1Status ReportPending Approval2/27/2017
VT CO-414Corporate Estimated Tax Payment VoucherNot Available2/24/2017
VT CO-421Unitary Affiliate ScheduleNot Available3/7/2017
VT FIT-160Fiduciary Income Tax Payment VoucherApprovedApproved
VT FIT-161,Sch K1-FFiduciary Return of IncomeApprovedApproved
VT IN-152, 152AUnderpayment of Estimated Individual Income TaxNot Available3/7/2017
VT LIFELINEApplication for the Lifeline ProgramNot Available3/7/2017
VT Sch FIT-162 (161)Capital Gains Exclusion for Estates or TrustApprovedApproved
W4PW-4P Withholding Certificate for Pension / AnnuityNot Available3/7/2017
W7SP (09/16)W-7SP Solicitud Numero IdentificacionNot Available3/7/2017
WA Bellevue MPTMulti-Purpose Tax ReturnNot Available3/24/2017
WI Corp-ES (Ext.)Corporation Estimated Tax Voucher (Extension)Not Available3/7/2017
WV CNF-120EXTExtension Corporation Net Income Tax ReturnNot Available3/7/2017
WV QuestionnaireTax Return Questionnaire - CNF-120/SPF-100Not Available3/7/2017
WV S Charleston BOTBusiness and Occupation Gross Receipts (SalesTax)Not AvailableNot Released from Tax Agency
WV SPF-100EXTExtension of Time to File Information ReturnsNot Available3/7/2017